BFD3 installer fails and demands update

Hi folks,

I’ve just upgraded to BFD3 and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the installation and registering process - so bear with me if I’m being an idiot :slight_smile:

When I tried to instal the BFD3 app the installer failed and said it needed updating. Is this a common error? Presumably it’s the latest version because I downloaded it just now from the LM.

I’ve raised a ticket but I’m eager to get everything installed asap.

Any ideas what the issue might be? I’m still on OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra) in case that makes any difference…

When the content has finished downloading I’ll try installing the app again…


Make sure you close the License Manager application before beginning the installation process. The BFD installer wants to update License Manager, but it cannot do that if it is open and in use.

Thanks Drew, I eventually figured that out last night! It installed fine after doing that and BFD is up and running. I updated my ticket as well.

All I need now is a new serial for the Platinum Samples pack. I’ve just emailed you with the old serial.