BFD3 Grooves in BFD Player?

Just a simple question:

I’ve BFD Player and I’m interested in buying one of the BFD3 Grooves, but I don’t know if you can use those grooves in BFD Player, or if they just run in BFD3 :man_shrugging:

Are BFD3 Grooves compatible with BFD Player?

Thanks in advance!

Short answer…No

The Grooves listed under the BFD3 Software are in a Proprietary Container (Palette) and BFD3 MIDI Mapping.
Once loaded in BFD3 Groove Editor the Grooves inside can be exported along with the MIDI Mapping selected/loaded.

It is possible to export the Grooves in BFD3 and the BFD3 expansions with the proper MIDI Mapping for BFD Player.

I have created/Attached a MIDI Map (w/Graphic) for the BFD Player for use in BFD3.
Place into the BFD3 Maps Folder.

Unzip copy to
Windows …C:\ProgramData>BFD Drums>BFD3>System>Maps.
macOS Library>Application Support>BFD3>BFDPlayer>System>Maps

Import/Load the BFD Player MIDI Map in the BFD3 Groove Editor…load a Groove and export directly to the Grooves Folder in a BFD Player Expansion or the standard BFD3 export folder (User) and copy/cut and paste into the Grooves folder of the BFD Player Expansion of your choice.
Even tho the Library info for the Groove will be “User” it will still show under the Grooves list for selection and be available in every expansion.A User Folder will be created under the Library Tab but there will be no info as far as leading…genre etc etc as that information is not exported using BFD3.
I have also included an exported Groove in the Zip File…copy to The Grooves Folder in the BFD Player Expansion of your choice.Re-scan content or Restart the BFD Player.
You can also drag-n-drop it from the Grooves Menu in the New v1.2 Version

You will find it loads and plays correctly…

BFD Player MIDI Map (59.7 KB)

Wow! Thanks for this, haven’t tried it yet as I’m away from studio. Hoping that it works :slight_smile:

You actually don’t need to place into the Grooves Folder in an Expansion…Create a Folder…Name it whatever…“Your” Grooves"… “User Grooves”… etc.
I use _GROOVES with an underscore so that it’s place at the top of the Folder Heiarchy in the BFD Player Folder.

When importing MIDI Into BFD3 it will ask for the Map to import to…select BFD Player and the MIDI will be converted to Grooves and placed in the User Folder (Typically Documents in Win )
I created an Imported Folder…that way after each import you can cut and paste into a Folder of your Choice and put into the BFD Player main Folder with the expansions…the BFD Player will read at least 6 Folders deep…(I Prefer organized Folders…can’t stand “All in the Pool” Folders

Here is an Example…I am transferring all of my RUSH Albums (MIDI) out of my MIDI Collections and converting to BFD Player Grooves.

I forgot to mention you could probably use existing BFD3 Gooves you have exported to bfd3grv files and change to BFD3 Map in the BFD Player…haven’t tried it myself.
Default BFD3 Grooves from all of the expansions are typically bfd3pal in Palette (Pal) Containers.

Also Exported Grooves will be listed under LIBRARY as User
MIDI that was imported and copy/cut and pasted into a folder (as Mentioned above) will be listed under Imported.

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