BFD3 for sale with multiple expansion kits

Before I set about de-registering my copy of BFD3 can I check whether there would be any interest from anyone in buying it? Amongst the bundle are the Horsepower, Cocktail, Jazz Noir, Wooden Snares, Jazz & Funk, Modern Retro, Swan Percussion, Stanton Moore Cymbals, Vintage Recording Techniques, Virtually Erskine and others. Full list available on request. I’d rather sell the whole bundle together if possible as I understand InMusic levy a heavy transfer fee on each transfer? please PM me if you’re interested.

There is no transfer fee anymore. Imo, you won’t have much luck selling it as a bundle, unless it’s dirt cheap. It can take some time for the transfers to go through, so both the seller and buyer have to be patient. The transfer isn’t something that happens overnight (personal experience as a buyer).