Bfd3 does not work in ableton 11

At all. Works in Logic pro on same computer.

But won’t load up properly in ableton, Locks up. Dead.

Yeah, I know. It took me forever to get it working in Logic, and then I rarely used it… But I’m doing a project in ableton now, and need it, or something like it. Which may end up being what happens - another program. It just kind of pisses me off - this thing and it’s extensions cost me a good chunk of change - and it doesn’t work. I’ve got a lot of software running in my DAW, and I’ve never had anything just flat out not work.


Working in Ableton 11 here. Are you using the VST or AU version? What are your system specs? Can you provide some information?

If you are running a Mac with M1, you can right click on the Ableton app, choose Get Info, and click on Run using Rosetta. Then it should work. I had the same problem.

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