BFD3 broken after 3.4.1-update

Hey all,

it seems like I’m not the only one: The 3.4.1-update makes BFD3 unusable on my system (Win 10 2020H2, temporary online). When I start BFD standalone it says “Disabled, launch License Manager”. If I click on the License Manager button nothings happened. I must start the License Manager from the start menu or desktop. But even with the License Manager running (and logged in in my inMusic-Account) BFD does not work. It seems that BFD and License Manager can’t communicate with each other.
Same problem when inserting BFD as a plugin in Reaper oder Cakewalk.

For me BFD is completely unusable after this update - online and offline.
De-authorize and authorize again doesn’t change anything.

Anyone with the same problem: Do you find a way to start BFD?


Yes, the update renders BFD3 completely unusable. Will have to wait for news from Drew on this. If a fix is going to take a while though I hope Drew will give us the steps to downgrade back to 3.4. I don’t like the idea of always on the Internet but at least that bloody version worked.

After the first update to 3.4.1 License Manager shows version After closing License Manager and running the updater again License Manager shows version Standalaone BFD3 now works (online and offline) but not as a plugin.

3.4.1 is a step in the right direction: BFD is disabled as a plugin (using it offline) but the disabled 3.4.1 doesn’t crash the DAW anymore like in 3.4.


Every update brings a lot of issues.

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Plugin is working now for me (I haven’t tried it offline though)

I’m not sure I have a good picture of when it works offline and when it doesn’t. I had trouble offline in standalone (Mac), but it seems like it might have worked just fine offline as an AAX plugin. I’ll have to wait until I have the cycles to really play with it before I come to a conclusion.

One thing, content scanning is definitely a lot faster.

I‘m on Win10. Can only test Standalone and VST. VST plugin doesn’t work offline.

Win 10 here and no the VST does NOT work off-line. Not only that when I ran the Standalone all drum except the core had magically disappeared unti I rescanned my folders. I want to give BFD every chance to get this off-line thing sorted but I’m becoming disillusioned with the whole thing.

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OK, yeah, spoke too soon. Even worse as an AAX than standalone. Can’t launch BFD3 as an AAX on Mac at all, if the WiFi has been discontinued at any point while LM running.

1.) Launch LM
2.) Disable WiFi
3.) Re-enable WiFi
4.) Launch ProTools
5.) Insert BFD3 AAX plugin
6.) Plugin fails with “BFD3 is not authorized” message.

Even if they fix the glitches I’m seeing here, the situation here seems to be that no matter what, BFD3 is going to require you to be online to use it, one way or another. This is so much worse than a check in once every 30 days or whatever. It means that BFD3 is an Internet locked application, with no provision to operate in standalone. I don’t have one other piece of software with that requirement.

Honestly, I’d much prefer iLok. At least then I could decide when and where I wanted to be online. I could put the keys on the dongle, I could put them on my laptop, I could put them in the cloud. Whatever works for me, I could do it. But this? No, nobody else requires this. Not one other company that I know of.

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What I got from Drew’s update earlier today was that BFD should be working fine offline, meaning this is still a bug in the system somewhere.

Fingers crossed its fixed soon. It was only three weeks from the last update to this one so hopefully the next update will be soon enough.

I see that message now, but I’m not reading it as optimistically as you are.

It says to me that under the best of circumstances, I have to log into inMusic via the license manager to launch BFD3. I may be able to disable my Internet for up to 30 days, but if I reboot or otherwise restart the LM, which I will do every day, because the LM won’t be running literally all the time, I have to log in to inMusic via the LM again. In other words, I can really only be momentarily untethered. And this is for licenses that I own.

That’s how I read it. I’m happy to be wrong, but I’m less optimistic than I was a week ago.

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I can see how that can be interpreted. Im hoping its just the phrasing that leaves the interpretation open to that.

Some clarity for the clarity would be great, @BFD_Drew :slight_smile: Get this nipped in the bud before any more confusion kicks in :slight_smile:

EDIT: I mean, it does still state on the product page that internet is only needed for product download so fingers crossed this is just crossed wires.

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Pulled up a project today only to find that BFD3 had been disabled and I needed to run the LM. emm, ok, since I don’t have a choice. Ran that, looked like it “authorized” all of my previously authorized expansions, etc. And blew away the preset that had been loaded for the project. :frowning_face:

Looks like I need to read every post in this forum to figure out what’s going on…

All my cymbals (Crash, Ride) don’t work properly after updating to 3.4.1. They suddenly stop ringing after 1 or two seconds. So I got back to 3.4.0 and everything works fine again.

Mac? I had that on 3.4.0, and haven’t noticed it on 3.4.1. Actually, it was all drums. It was just more apparent on cymbals.

Yes, Mac.
Here it is the other way round. Works fine with 3.4.0 but not with 3.4.1

Hey Kafka, dig your handle. Particularly appropriate since BFD3 has gone from being mildly wonky, to completely Kafka-esque.

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I’d think BFD3.4 is more like Ka ka!

I finally saw the cymbals cuttong off on v3.4.1. I don’t know what it takes to trigger it. I know that I had loaded a few successive kits. Don’t know if that’s the deciding factor.

At one point, and I don’t know how my change to the preference got undone, but I was getting ends of cymbals cut off and it was a too-low polyphony, I keep it at max which iirc is 1024 voices.
We could be losing settings in update.