BFD3.4.5.28 on Mac Studio with M2 Max?

Hi, folks. We’re installing a new Mac Studio with an M2 Max chip. The DAW is Logic Pro 10.7.8. The OS is Ventura.

BFD is working fine in standalone mode. And the audio unit component seems to pass validation with flying colors. But the audio unit simply doesn’t appear in the add-instrument pull-down within Logic (FWIW, the same version of BFD is running great on the same version of Logic using the same OS — but on an M1 laptop.)

I know, I know — we’ve only just obtained M1 support quite recently. But is M2 compatibility a known issue and (hope spring eternal) is there any sort of workaround?

Prior to BFD’s recent M1 support, loading the VST version of BFD into NI’s Komplete Kontrol was a solid workaround. But the VST plugin installed with 3.4.5 no longer appears as an option within Komplete Kontrol.

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Okay — a weird and interesting update: After setting up the new M2 Mac Studio and transferring data/credentials from an old machine, the BFD3 plugin failed to appear in Logic as detailed above. But when a created two additional Users/Account, the plugin DOES appear and seems to load correctly. So something in that initial User account is preventing BFD from appearing. What are the conflicts? Old BFD versions? Weird beta stuff? No idea!

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Hi… I have a similar situation and was wondering if your issues are resolved? I just upgraded from a very old MAC/OS to a Mac studio M2 OS 13.4 but I’m going to run Protools 2023…
Will BFD3 (V. and associated core audio and keymaps run on this? Is it worth trying BF2?

Hi! Yes, I am successfully running BFD 3_4_5-28 on both an M1 and an M2 Mac within Logic Pro. But I ditched Pro Tools years ago, and according to the bfddrums site, you must still fire up Rosetta in order to use BFD3 in Pro Tools. Bummer, but it’s a typical InMusic situation. :frowning:

Thanks for your response. Im thinking to switch to logic as well… but in the mean time ill look into Rosetta…

Still no VST3, I refuse to use rosetta