BFD3.4.1.11 released

Hi - I’m happy to do this - just not sure how to do this. Where do I enter Topics? I’ve read the posts - how do I time them out?

Just scroll through any random posts on the front page “Latest”. Scroll down each post for 10-20 secs and do that on other posts for 10 minutes. That’s it. It sounds more complicated than it is.

And btw, I have been reaching out to both BFD and InMusic for the past 2 + years and no one has gotten back to me …not sure even how I found this site …

That’s a shame. Yeah, they really need to shore up their support for customers and make it so people aren’t just left hanging. I probably would’ve given up after a month of silence. Not uncommon in the plugin world. I contacted IK Multimedia about a technical issue and never heard back.