BFD3.4.1.11 released

Hey all,

BFD3.4.1.11 is released. This version should clear up:

  • Keychain access nagging on OSX - we no longer use the keychain.
  • Factory preset+kit+groove content is now migrated as part of the installer process
  • BFD3 has a new migration panel inside it that will only migrate user data - this effectively copies your user data files to the new BFD Drums user folder, and then adds those files to the browser.
  • Expansion packs now no longer disable themselves when offline.
  • The sluggishness when scanning paths should be much reduced now

You can download it by using the BFD License Manager and checking the downloads under the BFD3 product.


Thanks Drew!

Is the Migration panel the section within the settings menu that just has the one button?

Just checking as I think I’ve updated, but the version number on the standalone and VSTi is still showing the previous build number.

I have the migration button, which makes me think I have updated, but BFD standalone and the VSTi are still not working if I disable the network card, which means I cant install this version on my main DAW machine, and make me wonder if I’m still on the previous version?

Thank you Drew and team for your efforts!

*I noticed the LM shows 2 BFD3 installers, 3.4.0/3.4.1.? Just leave it alone, or uninstall the older one?

What about being able to work offline? Has anything changed there? I am on Windows.

By this I mean does BFD3 itself work offline? The problem I had was Cubase crashing instantly with BFD3.4 offline. Admittedly I use mainly expansions. I had to revert to 3.4. Obviously I am reluctant to go through all the hoopla of installing 3.4 and the effort of getting all the expansions to work properly.

Ran the update again…

Version number now showing correctly. Standalone app tries to call home at least twice during starting the app up, and has lost all my kits.

VSTi shuts down Reaper instantly if I try and load a kit. Still doesnt seem to be working unless I log into my InMusic account and allow BFD internet access tho. Back to saying it needs to be authorized.

After installing the new version of license manager and BFD 3.4.11 nothing works anymore. When I try to start BFD standalone now it is disabled although I’m online. Do You guys ever test anything? Is this the update that should help all the trouble after these chaotic migration weeks? common guys!

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I installed the update, should I have uninstalled the earlier version first? Because now, both stand alone or plugin BFD3 is locked - it has been disabled. This is despite me being online and having license manager open!

Drew, please how do I get back to the earlier version?

Edit:see guitartom beat me to the punch…

Yeah me too -disabled

If BFD3 has been disabled, please post the version number of License Manager and BFD3.

If the version of License Manager is not, then try closing License Manager and then re-installing BFD3, so that LM gets an update.

Hey Drew,
thanks for the tip. After reinstalling the update the License Manager shows version
Now the stanalone version runs (online and offline) but not the plugin.
When I insert BFD as an plugin in Cakewalk or Reaper (offline) BFD shows ‘Disabled… - Run License Manager’.
Do you have another tip?


Thanks! Drew, that seems yo have done the trick. License Manager now (was Both Standalone and Plugin seem to be working (touching wood now).

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I guess my wait for a useable version of BFD3.4 will have to wait. As the old Ace song went “How Long, How Long”.

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Drew, please can you comment on the fact that the VST still will not operate without a permanent Internet connection. Is this a remaining bug that will be fixed in a further update? I understood from earlier comments that BFD would be fixed so that a permanent on-line connection was not required. I can’t believe we are nearly a month down the line and I am still having to ask this question.

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Posted elsewhere before finding this thread, still trying to get back up to speed…

Win10 Pro, opened a project to find BFD3.4 unauthorized. Great timing…
Ran the (old) LM, it blew away the preset…
Checked the forum, read every single post with a related issue,
d/ld the BFD3.4 installer
closed the LM
unzipped and ran the installer
ran the LM (V3.0.1.3)
forced to login to InMusic acct
all content appeared to be authorized, yet again…
opened the project = spinning wheel of death >> BFD3 is trying to do something which is preventing me from using my DAW

I use BFD3 on every active project atm and do quite a bit of “destination” recording. Great views/vibe/creative environment, but inconsistent internet connections. IME, the “need” to be connected is anathema to the creative process. I’m at a loss as how to continue under the current circumstances.

To be fair, not completely at a loss. I’m able to start my DAW in safe mode and delete BFD3 so I can get something done while I have my backup drive shipped in (with ver3.3). Thing is, I’m 4 days into this project and all had been going well…

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Yikes. Thats a scary one. I hope you can get back to working on things soon as…

Can someone share a BFD3 V. installation file? All download links on Fxpansion website don’t work.

here are some observations I had on macOS 11.3.1:
The update itself went fine, although I don’t get why there is a “Check for updates” in the LM even if I have to update BFD3 to get the latest version of the LM because the check-function doesn’t do anything - weird …
After installing BFD the LM was up to date, too.
Standalone and Plugin (Logic) worked fine with an active internet connection. But if I disconnect WiFi or use a firewall (which I normally do for Logic because there is nothing more annoying than “here’s an update for this” or here’s a sale for that …) BFD needs authorization again.
However the plugin doesn’t crash Logic anymore (yay) but the bug with a mandatory connections seems not to be resolved at all.

At least it isn’t worse for me than 3.4.

I get that software wants to connect from time to time if it uses a subscription model (Adobe, Microsoft …) but for audio software, at least one that worked for years without that nonsense, it doesn’t make any sense at all.
Or are these the first signs of BFD4 as a subscription model and we are the guinea pigs?


I have the Windows version update file. LMK and I’ll set up a Drive link for you.

I’m on Windows too! Please send it!