BFD3.4.0.24 - Known Issues

The known issues for BFD3.4.0.24:

  • Windows Pro-Tools AAX support yet (fixed already for 3.4.1)
  • Preset and Content Library Scanning on launch can make the gui sluggish for a few seconds
  • AIR Distortion edge parameter can exhibit zippering when moved
  • AIR Saturation Filter RetroBit drive can self oscillate in some cases esp with resonance. (It’s questionable if this should be considered a bug at all, being a LoFi effect, but we’ll see if we can tame it in 3.4.1. Or not, if people enjoy the LoFiness!)
  • AIR LoFi changing the Anti-Alias and Bit Depth controls can lead to a short term DC rise
  • Mac / AU : Automation recorded from onscreen control movement may not be continuous
  • Manually restarting the BFD user files migration may not always trigger a rescan. (workaround: rescan your files manually in the Content Locations Panel)

We plan to address these in an imminent 3.4.1 hot fix.