BFD3 3.4.5 build 28 An audio unit reported a problem

I open an empty project, then add BFD3:

M1 MacBook Pro Sonoma 14.3. (Error was occurring with Monterey also)
Logic X 10.8.1. (Error also occurred with 10.7.x)
BFD 3.4.5 build 28.

I get this messaged well over half the times I open empty (or existing) projects up as soon as I try to add BFD3 to the project. It’s not due to the midi 2.0 setting as that setting is not checked.

yeah, there’s another post about that where I asked how to get more log but I didn’t get an answer.

I have to recover several times during any logic session it’s a tad annoying. I hope next release fixes that.

Almost a month and a half and no one from InMusic has responded!

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yeah it would be great to have a bit of info on the apple silicon/logic situation… BFD crashes every single time

Hey, could we have some feedback from the team ? Is the bug investigated ?

Last time you had an apple silicon problem you gave us some insight… it’d be cool if we had some info here too.

I asked how to provide decent logs on another post and never had an answer