BFD3 shows as in info screen

Hello everyone,

Has anyone noticed the in the About BFD3 (under Help) the build number is (3.4.4.) 19 and not 29 for the latest update. Maybe it’s just me, maybe a little bug. LM says I am up to date with ver. 29.

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Living Room Rocker

Mine shows as

That’s strange.


Doubt it’s a bug. You are probably launching the first beta somehow. Try re-installing.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Guess I’ll try installation again.

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Living Room Rocker

The program STILL isn’t working properly. I have been waiting for more than a year for it to be fixed, and now I get an update to that can only be downloaded on my old system. When I copy the updated file from my old system to my M1 computer, the DAWs show an AUi that freezes when it needs to find all the expansions. The standalone version CAN find the files. The DAW is not the issue here, it does this in Reaper, Waveform, Logic snd Ardour.

Where is the VST?

I STILL cannot download any files with the LM. The downloads stop ‘with errors’ and cannot be continued.

Yes, I completely uninstalled BFD, including all the system files. A completely fresh reinstall did not help.

I’ve had it. This has taken too long.

Enough is enough.