BFD2 Extra's - Electronic, Metromes, Percussion

I got the BFD 2 London Sessions as a replacement for my original BFD2 samples. These audio samples in the BFD2 Library folder appear to be leftover from my original BFD2 library as can’t be licensed. Anybody know what these are?


It seems to ring a bell but I have both libraries and can’t see them.
Were they each in their own folder or in one of the others?

Metronome would just be a one shot sample for BFD2’s metronome, I have a feeling the electronic and percussion may have been from, or included in the 8 bit and percussion kits.

Can probably delete them anyway.


Each were on in their own folders under the BFD2 library and XML files lists them as part of BFD2. I moved them to a separate folder and don’t scan them so BFD doesn’t prompt to me to authorize, but trying to figure out where these came from or how they can be authorzied. I’ve never owned the 8bit kits or BFD percussion.

No but I think some of the 8bit kit and percussion kit pieces must have been in the original BFD2.

I’m guessing I must have deleted them from the BFD2 folder as I own both 8bit kit and percussion kits.


Yeah, it looks like Percussion, Electronics and Metronomes were part of BFD2 content, but did not make it into London Sessions.

The Percussion pieces, however, were included in the BFD3 Core content, and are part of the Percussion expansion.

The Electronics are the 808 Kick, DX Kick, and Drum Traks Snare from the 8-Bit Kit.

And the metronomes are all pretty trivial, and I’m not going to look around for them.