BFD Yamaha Oak / Maple / Jazz Maple missing presets and kits

During the current sale, I tried to complete my BFD collection. Bought the older Yamaha Oak Custom, Maple Custom Absolute and Jazz Maple (among others). They install, but then, I don’t seem to find the kits or presets for these in BFD3. Tried to re-scan multiple times, no avail. Also, the kit pieces seem to be incomplete - didn’t find the Jazz Maple stuff at all. This is a bit odd, as all the other installs seemed to go fine. So maybe it’s an issue with the installer? Anybody tried to install these? (I know, older packs, but still…)

I had a similar problem and it’s because I just had it set to scan my storage drive folders. The presets and Grooves, especially for older kits get put in the FXpansion folder on the OS drive. So in my case all the audio for the kits were in


But everything else was in the original FXP folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion

And some stuff is in the same folder but much further down

C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Grooves
C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Kits
C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Kit Pieces
C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Presets

Dig around and see if you find your stuff in there and the scanner is missing it or if it didn’t install properly.

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2 things you could try, first do the, ‘Add BFD2 Data Path’ from the contents page and rescan.

As @SF_Green says, search those locations for them.

If they’re still not there, extract the download file and look in Installer\Payload\System\ and you’ll find kits and preset folders should be in there so you can just move them to where you want them or import them from the file menu and rescan.


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The new installers put everything into:

C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums

So for packs that still have legacy BFD2 presets you’d be looking for:

C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD2\System\Kits
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD2\System\Presets

On OSX it would be:
Mac HD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD2/System/Kits
Mac HD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD2/System/Presets

BFD3 presets are in the BFD3 equivalent locations. If the ‘Add BFD2 Paths’ button isn’t adding these locations, you can add them manually and you’ll see all of your kits and presets.


Hi guys, the paths were already there, but for some reason, I needed to manually re-scan the folders - then everything showed up (well, after two or three attempts in various order). Not sure why BFD was so stubborn. :slight_smile: However, now I got my kits and presets, lovely! Thanks for all the help and answers.

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