BFD Vintage Recording Techniques missing presets and kits in browser

I installed BFD VRT yesterday and while the individual drums show up in the browser, the kits and presets don’t. I did a bit of digging around and found them in:

C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Kits
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Presets

Short of manually adding each kit/preset and saving them as user kits/presets, any suggestions of how to get them to show in the browser?

Note that all other kits and presets show in the browser.

Someone else will probably have a proper answer, but I think you can just move them to your user data folder and they will show?

I had issues like this with certain expansion presets and grooves not being recognized in the system install location, but did when I moved them to the user folder instead.

Just rescan the BFD3 folder, and they should show up.

I’ve done the load/save on the kits and presets and they now show as User content. What is interesting is that VRT only shows up in the Library drop down list for Drums.

Thanks for the advice. Dumb question. How do you rescan BFD3? I can only rescan those content locations under Tools.

Yes, that’s what you do, Tools/Content Locations then you get the options to Rescan Selected, Rescan All or Rescan User Contents.

The VRT presets are a bit quirky and I’ve had them all disappear after a rescan before.
I use a little utility called BFD3 Metadata Editor which is really useful for naming and renaming kits and presets.

You can download mac and windows versions here.


Thanks Steve. I’ll investigate the metadata app. All the kits and presets are showing in the browser since I re-saved them as user files.

One thing I learned, the hard way, yesterday is to not right click and hide/remove any user files from the browser. It’s a pain getting them back.

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