BFD User For 15+ Years, But Decided To Move On

Hi all,

After the problems I’ve had since migrating, being unable to access my kit pieces from versions 1 and 2, jumping through the hoops required to contact the person who can apprently set me up with the replacement expansions (but who hasn’t responded to my message), I’ve finally made the decision to move to a different drum software.

It’s such a shame. I love BFD. I’ve been loyal to the brand since I started making music on a computer, but I’m a professional musician, it’s my job, and I can’t continue to use software that is broken and appears to have been pretty much abandoned.

I’ve been looking at SD3 and AD2. It’s looking like SD3 will be more suitable for my needs, but still, I wish I wasn’t having to look elsewhere.




Just wondering if you can get Pete sorted with a proper working BFD so he at least has the option of coming back should offending bugs get fixed…

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@PeteMurphy I contacted you today regarding your serials. Check your private messages please.

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Just move on. I’ve been around for about 18 years with BFD. No more.

Do not get drawn into the cycle of empty fix promises. You may even get it working, only for it to decide you’re an unregistered user at a crucial moment. Stay strong, do not get lured back, inMusic will not change.

I’d go SD3 personally.

Did you really just look for and bump a year-old-thread, to tell someone to move on? Is this what moving on looks like?

If those who run this forum were tying to brush BFD’s problems under the carpet, your mission to tell everyone to run for the hills would seem justified. But this forum is full of posts and threads that highlight the current issues. I don’t think anyone is in any doubt as to what is (and what isn’t) going on. All you’re doing is flinging salt at the wounds.

Perhaps you should direct your ire at InMusic, via their email address instead of dumping all this extra ship on Drew’s lap.


I got a notification about this post, I didn’t even look at the date, I thought it was new, I certainly didn’t look for it. I guess the forum software is about as well maintained as BFD.

Yeah, I’m making sure everyone knows the facts about this software, which is more than inMusic do on the BFD website. How many potential purchasers even know about the 90 day policy? It’s not in the system requirements on the sales page.

You dont think I’ve tried communicating with inMusic? Come on, we all know how they treat paying customers, let alone someone with a complaint, so this forum will do just nicely thanks.

To my knowledge all of the OP’s issues were solved.


These forums are full of threads and posts about problems with and complaints about the license manager. Even if potential purchasers are reading the user-forums they’ll stumble across these discussions within minutes.

If you wanna dissuade potential purchasers perhaps your energy would be better spent in places that aren’t populated by those who already own the software.


I try and dissuade people on other music forums too, don’t worry. But potential customers might come and look at these forums, so might as well post here too. What do you care what I do with my time?

I wouldn’t, normally. But your incessant whining is making an unfortunate situation (Y’know, for actual owners/users) more irritating.

I commend Drew and the InMusic team for allowing you to continue (and I’m assuming, here) for transparency’s sake. But at this point I think they should serve you a warning, then just ban you if you continue.

Until then, I just need to work out how to block/mute you.

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Who do you think you are? Serve me ban? I assume I’ve had no warning because nothing I’ve stated is false so there’d be very little grounds to ban me.

Please do block me and I’ll do the same to you as your constant simping for inMusic is equally tiresome.

Yeah…I think they should warn you, then ban you if you keep on whining. Did I stutter?

Not simping for anyone. I’m just one of many who, despite not being totally happy with the current LM situation, feels that it will eventually get sorted out. You are trying to warn people away as if everything has been set-in-stone and all the dust has settled, when everything BFD is currently and obviously not sorted out.

“Who do you think you are?”

I’m the one telling you what’s up

Ooh, tough guy. Unless you’re an admin I’ve nothing else to say to you. As long as I’m working within the guidelines I’ll post however I like, my point of view is as valid as anyone elses, i really don’t care if it doesnt fit in with your jolly view of inMusic.

At least I’m posting on what BFD3 is, and not some fantasy vision where inMusuc listen to their customers. They don’t even appear to listen to the product owner, what makes you think theyll change course? There’s nothing in their MO to indicate that.


Hi Pete,

I completely understand Your situation as I’m in a nearly identical position:

If I sum up the value of the BFD related products I bought from Fxpansion/Roli and in music they sum up to around 2200 Euro (according to the prices still demanded on the in music product page. There were some discounts naturally but even if I assume that a portion of the products were bought with discounts it sums up to around 1500 Euro which I invested in cash. On top of that I bought quite a collection of midi grooves but at least this can be used with other products as well…

I guess you could expect a professionell customer service for that amount of money. However if I sum up the releases of BFD3 upgrades over the last 3 to 4 years I literally got no support or updates. Up to this date I can’t use BFD3 on my M1 Macs! The only updates which were released within the last two years were the attempts to fix issues with a new licensing systems invented by in music which punished loyal customers after a nightmare of a migration experience.

I tried to stay loyal and show sympathy for the attempts of the remaining team (are they more than 2 or 3 people left?) but I’ve stopped to trust in the announcements of the product owner that there are “exciting things to come”. I’m strongly convinced meanwhile that there is no hope for a turnaround anymore.

I really loved what BFD3 was in the good times but meanwhile I start to accept that those times are over and the best thing will be to forget about all the money and effort I put in the learning curve and go for a drum software product which has a future.

What a shame…

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