BFD User For 15+ Years, But Decided To Move On

Hi all,

After the problems I’ve had since migrating, being unable to access my kit pieces from versions 1 and 2, jumping through the hoops required to contact the person who can apprently set me up with the replacement expansions (but who hasn’t responded to my message), I’ve finally made the decision to move to a different drum software.

It’s such a shame. I love BFD. I’ve been loyal to the brand since I started making music on a computer, but I’m a professional musician, it’s my job, and I can’t continue to use software that is broken and appears to have been pretty much abandoned.

I’ve been looking at SD3 and AD2. It’s looking like SD3 will be more suitable for my needs, but still, I wish I wasn’t having to look elsewhere.




Just wondering if you can get Pete sorted with a proper working BFD so he at least has the option of coming back should offending bugs get fixed…

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@PeteMurphy I contacted you today regarding your serials. Check your private messages please.

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