BFD support doesn't actually impress

So I am one of those who has to re-register with inMusic Brands in order to transfer my BFD licenses from FXpansion.

The problem is, my old email address is obsolete, and I must, but can’t edit it in order to create a new one.

The reason is because my account username is “Z”, and all tries fail when I try to change it (because the minimum character length for usernames are three characters, so changing my email address fails when I click “Apply” because it thinks my account username is illegal).
And because of that, I can nor change my email address or my username.

However, I wrote two emails to and asked for assistance. The first one was the 20th of May, I followed up since I never heard back from them, the 11th of June.
Still, no reply. I have also emailed Roli and inMusic Brands - none have replied so far.

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Calling @BFD_Drew

Welcome to the forum @Lerxst, if you look around the forum, altho its been a bit tumultuous for some of us transfering over to inmusic, BFD have been very good with trying, and succeeding, to help people out where all other methods have failed.

Hopefully a member of the team will be along to help at some point.

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I’m finding it hard to actual answers from support rather than links to resources for self-help.
I’m average when it comes to actual computer problems