BFD Standalone crash OSX - workaround not working

The published workaround for BFD standalone crashing on startup does not work for me.

Ventura 13.4.1, M1

BFD will crash on startup with my external audio device (Focusrite Scarlett Solo) connected.
Disconnect audio device, BFD starts up.
Reconnect audio device → go to Audio Preferences → click Refresh → crash just like on startup with device connected.

Also worth mentioning that the well-known “Audio Unit Reported A Problem” issue in Logic Pro is worse than ever on Logic 10.7.9 (I haven’t seen a lot about 10.7.9).

Hey @scrimshander

Could you provide a crash log for the standalone crash? This can be found at;
Mac: /Users/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/


@Joeface53 Attached! (6.3 KB)

I am seeing this exact issue on my Mac Ventura 13.6.1 with Steinberg UR44C; fails exactly as @scrimshander has described, workaround works until audio device plugged in and settings refreshed then it crashes a few seconds later. VST works in Reaper without any crashes. I opened with Rosetta as well with no change.

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Same issue here. If any of you were able to sort this out (on your own or via support) it would be great to see a workaround/fix posted here.

Not sure if you saw the workaround in the “workarounds and known issues” post under the general tab (link below) - that does work to a point. The only problem with the workaround is it doesn’t work (for me) if I want to use my audio interface; I can use standalone using my “normal” computer audio out but every time I select the audio interface the standalone version crashes. Works fine in my DAW so that’s the way I use it now.

I’m able to use BFD3 the way I need to, and I’m not going to buy something else, but it’s astonishing to me how poor the support and update situation is for this product right now. I posted this issue with a clear, reasonable explanation a half year ago, provided a crash log, and no response at all. Multiple adds to the thread, no response. When I open a Logic project with BFD there’s always a sense of adventure - will it work?? The poor AAX people, folks who want to upgrade to Sonoma . . . who knows . . . it’s deeply disheartening.

TL;DR: What worked for me is to change the sampling rate of my audio interface to 44.1kHz in MacOS Audio MIDI Setup.

I just ran into a similar situation where BFD3 crashes on startup. I found that it indeed managed to start up when disconnecting my audio interface, but it then crashed immediately when I reconnected it even while it was running.

I was puzzled because it had worked just a couple minutes before, and all I had done in between was to close BDF3 and open some other apps using my audio interface, i.e. Pianoteq and CollaB3. I then found in Audio MIDI Setup that my audio interface was set to 48kHz. I changed it there to 44.1kHz and with that BFD3 standalone started up successfully. It seems that one of the other programs had changed the sampling rate to 48kHz and it seems BFD3 is unable to handle that setting. I confirmed this by changing it back and forth between 48kHz and 44.1kHz and it is deterministic and reproducible.