BFD Sphere Content?

Hi, just bought BFD Sphere. But have no idea where to find the content in BFD3. On the website is nothing about what is inside. Somebody knows where I can find such info?


Went through the installer log, which gave me some hints, what to search for. But a complete list with the content would be appreciated. No idea why such is not provided by BFD.

Using the filter also helps. I think this did the job. Never used before, because most kits have the name inside, like Erskine, etc…

This FAQ has a little bit of info about the expansion.

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Great and thanks for this link Fender_Bender :slight_smile:

Sure thing. I picked this up from an ex-BFD user a while back, but I still haven’t had a chance to dig into it. What cymbals are you planning to use with it? Since I have the Meinl cymbals from Crush, I was thinking those might pair well with the Sphere shells.

No idea yet. Just grabbed because I got a discount. Thought some metal could be nice in case.

I believe Jay Postones played the drums when Sphere was recorded.
Jay is Tesseracts drummer and he endorses Meinl cymbals.
I believe Meinl cymbals would be perfect for the drums sampled in sphere.