BFD Player not loading Core Library kit

I have installed BFD Player version 1.2.0 and BFD Player Core Library 1.0.0. When I open the BFD Player app it checks the product registrations and content. However, when these actions are complete, BFD Player does not display any drum kit or equalizer, so I assume these are not loading. Note that I have installed the Core Library using the inMusic Software Center.

I am currently using Windows 11.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Is there a CORE LIBRARY Tab showing in the left Column…or is it Blank…?
You need to click on it to drop down the Preset menu…double click a Preset to load a kit.

As Chaser said, The core library should appear of the left-hand side.

The presets aren’t loaded automatically, they are listed on the left when you click on the core library.

This walk though might be useful to you.


Thanks Steve - that fixed my issue.

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