BFD Player for non-Alesis kits?

Hi there -
Is BFD Player going to be available for other electronic kits/pads besides the Alesis Surge Mesh SE and will it be part of any BFD4 upgrade available to BFD3 license holders?
Thanks much!

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BFD Player is the first milestone in a long awaited (for everyone!) roadmap that we’ve been planning since inMusic acquired BFD. There’s some really good stuff to come.

To answer your questions - BFD Player will eventually be available to all. It will have an upgrade path for future products too.


Thanks Drew! Sounds great! Look forward to it.

Sounds pretty cool. I’m assuming it’s going to come with a couple kits like SSD 5.5 free? That would surely help grow the user base.

I get this error when clicking on the links in your email ’ Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’

Have any got BFD Player to work with Pro tools studio

On the site it says ‘coming soon’ and ‘early 2023’. What is ‘soon’ and ‘early’ mean to bfddrums?