BFD player expansions

Hey guys! How are you?

I would like to buy some bfd player expansions. I tried the free player and i loved it.

I would like to know if i can make my own midi mapping using the player. All i see is presets but i cannot find any learn button.

Actually i’m using the TD-30 presets for my TD-17 module but there is one cymbal i cannot assign.

Can i do that?

Thank you!

There isn’t a MIDI Learn feature in BFD Player and you can’t create Customs Maps…
I Double-checked the BFD Player Map Folder and there isn’t a TD-17 Map…
I attached an updated Map

Place it in the BFD Player Maps Folder

Windows …C:\ProgramData>BFD Drums>BFDPlayer>System>Maps.
macOS Library>Application Support>BFD Drums>BFDPlayer>System>Maps

Restart the BFD Player…select the TD-17 Map

It should work

Roland (1.4 KB)

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Thank you Chaser!

As soon as i get home i’ll download it and tell you how it goes!

Thank you so much!

Hey Chaser! I’ve downloaded the map file but the cymbal i use as a china tirggers the floor tom and the floor tom triggers the high tom 2.

I believe bfd Player isn’t ment for edrums isn’t it?
Everytime i use another preset the cymbal mapping changes.

It designed for E-Drums…a slot changed or the BFD3 version has an error…I think the BFD3 version is the one with the switched slots.No one ever complained so I was unaware if there was an error and there over a 100 downloads…TD-17 Map
The Previous was an updated version for BFD3…the changes were set to Variable Mode (there is no “option” to in BFD Player) and I added all the Zones for the Updated Hi Hat which is included for the Core Library and some other BFD Player expansions.

A little patience and we’ll get there…

I posted the Roland TD-17 Default Mapping so we are on the same page…telling me “the cymbal i use as a china” isn’t as helpful as the Triggers MIDI Note.

Here is a list of the default (pad) MIDI Note map in the TD-17:

(The ALESIS Nitro MAX is exactly the same as far as MIDI Mapping…except there are no MIDI Note assignments for any of the Cymbal Edges…including the Hi Hat…the Nitro MAX has single zone cymbals and Hi Hat.)

KICK = 36


SNARE (RIM) = 40

SNARE X-Stick = 37

TOM 1 = 48

TOM 1 (RIM) = 50

TOM 2 = 45

TOM 2 (RIM) = 47

TOM 3 (HEAD) = 43

TOM 3 (RIM) = 58

HH OPEN (BOW) = 46





CRASH 1 (BOW) = 49

CRASH 1 (EDGE) = 55

CRASH 2 (BOW) = 57

CRASH 2 (EDGE) = 52

RIDE (BOW) = 51


RIDE (BELL) = 53

AUX (HEAD) = 27

AUX (RIM) = 28

The TD-27 Default MIDI Mapping is exactly the same as the TD-17 Default MIDI Mapping except for additional Aux Inputs

AUX 2 (HEAD) = 29

AUX 2 (RIM) = 30

AUX 3 (HEAD) = 31

AUX 3 (RIM) = 32

Hey cahser,im trying to use the preset but i cannot see it in the keymap list.

The lsat one you sent worked but this one is not visible in the keymap list. I tried 3 times but i still cannot see it.

According to the td-17 midi mapping the aux head i use as a china is the 27 (D1).

I updated the last bfd player version and the aux is triggering the 2 rack tom but the rack tom 2 midi is playing ok

There was a punctuation error and I didn’t check before uploading.

Roland Aux Inputs are not mapped…the same with other modules…Aux Inputs are for expanding the Kit
MIDI Note 27 is an Aux Input Note and is not mapped as it’s unknown what to assign to it…the input is Piezo/Piezo (HEAD/RIM) so typically a Tom or split to (2) Toms…not a Cymbal…as the RIM cannot support Edge switch or Choke…it’s typically the 4th Tom when expanding a Kit…if split to a Tom and a Cymbal …only the Cymbal Bow will trigger…No Edge…No Choke.

Try the new one …to make sure it’s working…I am presuming the additional slot I need to assign is 15.
I updated above also…I did not assign Aux 28.

If it doesn’t work properly I need to create one from a BFD Player Map.
There are some differences between the BFD3 Maps and the BFD3 Player Maps.

Roland TD-17 (1.4 KB)

I can play all thr 3 cymabls in the BFD player except from the hi hat shank.

The ride as well is not triggering the same as when i play with the TD-30 preset. The bow and bell dont trigger the same way

The HH shank is the one I had issues with…
The Rides don’t play the same because they are 2 entirely different modules/triggers and the Mapping is optimized for each Kit/Triggers… the Curves and Artics are different.

Try the downloads again…they have been updated to reflect the TD-30 settings.

None of the Roland Maps have a Splash assigned and the Factory Default MIDI Maps don’t list a Note for the Splash…when you get a chance record some MIDI …(MIDIOX)…and take a screenshot or write down the Splash Note and I will assign it.
The BFD Player has the updated HH engine and the expansions have a Splash Articulation.

If i use the TD-20x preset everything works fine except for the aux i use for the china cymbal. Instead of a cymbal it triggers the rack tom.
Im such an ignorant about this things, i’m so sorry for asking all this things and waste your time.

So…if i buy the metal expansions i still cannot play the china right?
I dont use a splash cymbal: just 2 crashes, 1 ride and a China cymbal.

I hope BFD updates and add a midi learning function.

I loved them. I would like to buy them all. Thats why i wanted to make sure i can map everything.

You can swap out the kit pieces in BFD Player in the Browser.

Right now the focus is Mapping the correct slot for the Aux Input as there isn’t any Custom Mapping or MIDI Learning.The Maps have to edited Manually…The TD20X mapping for Note 27 is for a Mid Tom as is the TD-30 Map

Did you try the updated Preset?..

I am not going to bounce around adjusting all the maps.

Yes i did and i noticed some changes.

Everything works fine except for the aux 27. Also i cannot play crossstick because it triggers the snare rimshot.

So i can use different instruments from different expansions? For example: dark copper cymbals with dark mágica y shells?

If the Kit pieces are assigned to that slot in BFD Player then you’ll be able to change it.

As Far as the MIDI Map…Don’t know what to tell you…I don’t mind helping but I am not going to make a career out of one preset.
I changed nothing other than the Ride to match the TD-30 settings and HH Shank…the SS is the same and so is the Aux 27 assignment as it was in previous.

Here is the TD-17 MIDI Map with AUX Split…27-Cymbal Bow…28-Tom 4.
Updated with All the New Hi Hat Zones.

Roland (1.4 KB)

It worked!! Now the 27 is triggering the fx cymbal on the BFD player.

Is there anyway y can use the ss instead of the rim shot?

Thank you Chaser.

I would have to adjust/create All New Custom Presets with SS only…which I am not going to do.

Here’s one…and only one…

Place it in BFD Player\BFD Player - Core Library\Presets

80’s Lover - (14.6 KB)

Thank you Chaser!! I really apreciate your help my friend.

Sorry for being a pain in the a**.

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This is great. I didn’t realise you could edit and duplicate those files so easily. Was able to set up a map file for my DTXplorer and modify it to the preferred articulation. Cheers!