BFD Player ERROR # 403004

I would like to know what to do for Fix or what i did wrong.
This is the Free download buying an Alesis Nitro Max using Mac M1Pro with Sonoma 14.1.1
I have experienced following Error message
“Alex, some products were not able to be authorized”

BFD Player - Dark Mahogany - no Valid Licenses found for product. (ERROR#403004)

please any help is welcome.

I’m assuming the core library is working?

A couple of suggestions,

  1. Go to the contents tab which you can access through the settings button in the bottom right corner.

It should be listed with a blue dot next to is to show that it’s authorised.

You could a couple of things from here, If it’s not showing up, you can rescan your library or add the path manually. You can log out and then back in which can sometimes fix authorising issues.

You can also try de-authorising and authorising again.

Hopefully one of those should work.
If not, you might need to start a support ticket here (Support : BFD Drums)
or email support at


You need to register the serial first at Alesis. Here are the instructions.

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