BFD Player and additional kits?

Uninstall/reinstall worked like a charm! Even asked if I wanted to add back in the other expansion pack when authorizing. Core library has some great drum sound.

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I spent some time and created a template in BFD3 for use with Dark Farm to BFDPlayer…
I tried some trickery to add additional kit pieces and expand the kit , but was unsuccessful.
A lot of the effects in the BFDPlayer info look to be completely different than BFD3
The Preset requires editing for location changes after created in BFD3 including one of the instrument names changed…
One of the instruments Zildjian K Sweet Crash 20 is actually Zildjian Sweet Crash 20 in the BFDPlayer Library.
Unzip and Drop the BFDPlayer Preset and the audio file into the Preset folder in the BFDPlayer Folder.
It will show up under the Core Library menu.

Up Dated 10/09/2023…Longer Audio Audition File 24 bit Stereo requires Host Service…info/Author added to Preset…Macro mods

I wanna see a BFD4 with a friendly GUI alternative as BFD Player, but also a vectorial GUI improved as the BFD3… The quid is to rearrange the elements to have an ergonomical and more clean interface with controls, mixers, options, as same as powerful as BFD3 but rethinking every place and everything.

I just purchased the DARK MAHOGANY expansion for BFD Player but I can’t find instructions anywhere to download and install it.

I was able to authorize the license in the plugin but the expansion is not displayed with Core Library in ‘‘Content’’.

Are there instructions anywhere?

When I select the expansion on my inMusic profile, the downloads section says ‘‘No downloads for this product. Please check later.’’…

Welcome. Is it possible that the BFD Player expansions show up in the License Manager for BFD3 and you can download the installers from there? I have no idea. Seems odd that they wouldn’t have easy instructions on how this all works with the new plugin.

The only FAQ I found on the BFD Player/expansions, seems to relate to it being acquired from an Alesis kit registration.

I just purchased to Troubleshoot…
Received an email receipt etc etc.

The Product and SN is in both of my Profiles on both websites…inMusic Brands…inMusic Store…there is “No downloads for this product. Please check later.” in both inMusic Profiles…

On BFD Player StartUp License Manager asks if can access inMusicProfile.

BFD Player shows it as Authorized…but it will not show up under Content until downloaded/Installed…

I also checked the BFD3 License Manager…it would not register the SN manually…

I sent email to inMusic Brands Software Support…

Another successful product launch by inMusic…

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Thanks for confirming @CHASER. I was considering purchasing an expansion, just to test out the process myself and report back.

This is pretty lame that they managed to roll this out so sloppily, especially considering they’ve had all this time since it started getting bundled with Alesis modules. No clear instructions, or FAQ regarding BFD Player expansion downloads for public launch is disappointing. You’d think that type of stuff would’ve already been sorted out and posted. How can you have products for purchase on your website, but have no way for customers to download them? And for support, there needs to be a BFD Player section on this forum to report these issues to the support staff.

If it turns out there actually is a way to download them and users just haven’t figured it out, then they probably need to re-think that process because it shouldn’t be complicated at all.

Have you tried refreshing your products through the LM?

Thanks for trying to help.

I have exactly the same problem as CHASER. I checked several times and there seems to be no information about this anywhere on the website, nor in the BFD Player manual.

I received an email from Fastspring with the order summary which says “Thank you for your purchase. You will find the delivery information for your product below.’’ , but there is no information below.

I emailed BFD support…

(I also refreshed several times but nothing)

We haven’t launched officially yet! I’m gonna go and light some fires.

Right, apologies for the wait. I’ve just emailed internally to get this sorted.

Yes…I tried the usual trouble shooting that worked for BFD3…
“Refreshing” in the LM changed my Check In…It moved to “Check In 1 Day”…lol…so there’s that.

The BFD Player has it’s own SN Registration…if needed.

“You have already registered this serial code.Please check your product registration”

Overall…Actually the whole BFD Player process was automated and smooth…except No Product to download from inMusic…

One thing I did notice… a change overnight.
BFD Player was added to Registered Products…but there are No Downloads for it either.
I installed on a machine with BFD3 and the LM…
The Tablet install from a week ago did not have BFD3/LM and BFD Player was not under product registrations…but still functioned properly…“No License Required”.

The BFD Player Dark Mahogany Expansion has No Graphics etc…you can see the empty boxes


The Dark Mahogany Expansion added a graphic and categorized as BFD Player “Mini Pack”
…No Download yet.

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There is now a link to download the inMusic Software Center…
Once installed …Launch and it will access your inMusic Profile and you will have access to All Downloads in your inMusic Profile…
The Software Center will show Download…then Install.

The Software Center will sync and auto update all products when opened.


So this software center is only in relation to purchased BFD Player products?

I show it handles everything in your inMusic Profile…Hardware and Software.
Alesis products have still not been migrated so I added manually…

I meant to say, no BFD3 products.

I installed on a Tablet… I am a little sceptical about mixing License mangers and conflicts , especially with BFD3…lol

It actually will deal with everything you own across all of the brands, but as far as BFD stuff goes, yes. For now.

The plan is to eventually get rid of BFD License Manager when we get to BFD4, and BFD4 will ship through the software centre.

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If you’re keeping a list, Drew…Is it me or is there no way to save an individual routing in a DAW? There were no directions for doing it; but noticed that in “Original Kit” there’s advice to use it for custom routing. I did that…which is fairly clumsy. But there’s no way to save it? As soon as I leave/return, it’s back to routing all channels to Main. Am I missing something? And is there a reason there’s no Stereo 1-2?

Main = Stereo 1 and 2…

You save as a User Preset…there’s a drop down box/menu to the right of Preset…“Save User Preset”

Has anyone else routing to DAW, noticed only 8 mono outputs available for BFD Player in their DAW channel inputs, instead of 16? Just wanted to know if this is a Pro Tools thing, or maybe even just a bad install on my end.

The plugin shows 16 mono, but Pro Tools is only seeing 8 of them. This made it a pain to print two different passes, having to set up some channels with the same input.