BFD Player 1.2 Release Notes


BFD Player 1.2 introduces our new drum-track feature. With this you can sequence grooves directly within the plugin, without needing to drag grooves out to your DAW. It also introduces an quick routing function in the mixer.

Release Notes


  • Drum-Track support:
    • Drag & drop grooves from the groove browser directly to the drum-track.
    • Set the time signature and BPM for the drum-track.
    • Set a loop region within the drum-track.

Notable Omissions:

  • No keyboard shortcut support right now.
  • Limited right-click options available on a groove for the time being.
  • Mono buses 9-16 are not available in ProTools and in Logic.
  • Logic offers 12xStereo + 12xMono and 24xStereo plugin configurations which are invalid and which won’t load.
  • You cannot extend the edges of a groove in the drum-track to loop/duplicate a section of groove.
  • User presets do not save grooves inside of them.
    • In future we will introduce a new “song” preset format, which will store all of the drum-track information for you.

Why still the issue with the outputs to Pro Tools?

I believe it is something to do with our version of JUCE, but I’m not too sure of the actual devvy details.

Drew, will the Pro Tools output issue ever be resolved or is it a limitation in the code?


I believe we’ll need to update our version of JUCE - but that is an inMusic wide thing, not just the BFD team. It isn’t a simple thing and has lots of ramifications across loads of different bits of software. I imagine we’ll get it done one day, but not right this moment.

It isn’t ideal, but at least the stereo ones do still work.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll work around it.

Just curious:
As a BFD3 owner, is there any advantage to using BFD Player?

Or is it just a freebie that’s being used to sell extensions to non-license holders — which I get; money’s gotta come in.

I didn’t know where else to mention this and I didn’t feel it was necessary to start a Topic on it…so I’ll add to Notes.

The DEMOS for the New expansions are Duplicates/Identical starting with Americana…under Tracks

I presume the intention is one for “Song” and one for “Drums Only” for each Song…currently both for each expansion are identical “song” versions.

For some reason even posting the Tracks link…the SoundCloud link defaults to one song.

I’ve had nothing but issues, since I downloaded 1.2 My hihat no longer can be opened it’s stuck closed and there is no half open either. I have tried to remap my midi settings in my module with no luck. The ride also is no longer available for some reason.
Is there a way to go back to the previous version?