"BFD Percussion" pieces missing from BFD3?

I’ve been porting my projects from BFD2 to BFD3, and I occasionally have missing samples in BFD3. I just experienced it now. I undid the plug-in switch to go back to BFD2 and checked the name on the specific piece: a black cowbell labeled “BFD Percussion”.

I never bought an expansion called “BFD Percussion”, yet I clearly have some of the kit pieces from it. Were some pieces of this expansion made available in some freebie, or in some other version of BFD1 or 2 (CM Magazine Free, Eco, Lite, etc… I know that “8-Bit Kit” had a few freebies given out too, though I can’t remember if that was in BFD2 or what)? How might I have ended up with some of the kit pieces without buying the expansion? I have not downloaded anything illicit, of course.

How do I get these pieces into BFD3?

That’s from the original BFD2 library, I still have it so just checked.
It has some pieces from the Percussion kit, and the 8 bit kit.

Not sure why they weren’t included in the London Sessions though. :thinking:


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Thank you for the very useful information, Steve.

I guess I need to ask @BFD_Drew ?

Sounds like it may be percussion drums that were included with BFD2 and haven’t been included in London Sessions. I’ll double check that this week and see if I can patch it.


Thank you Drew. Please keep me posted.

@BFD_Drew any update on this?

Hi. Drew posted yesterday that he’s out sick right now.

Oh no; I hope he gets well soon. Thanks for the note.

I’m looking for an update on this again. I hope all is well behind the scenes…

Bumpity bump. Also, this site will be making it impossible for me to use it after January because they’re dropping Safari 13. Yeah, I have Firefox, but that’s probably next for the slab. I’m still on High Sierra until Apple releases a machine I’m confident is the right choice to spend my wad of cash I will never have again on a new machine.

@dysamoria Which Mac model and year do have? You can run the Dosdude Mojave patcher to keep up a little longer. I’ve been running it on my daily driver for a couple years and it’s been solid. This has Safari 14. There’s plenty of older Intel Macs out there you can buy that will get you on newer macOS’s, give you the power you need and not break the bank.

Nope, that won’t work on the iMac 12,2. The GPU isn’t compatible. I’m not going to do surgery on it to replace it, either.

Ah, yeah, the iMacs with 5xxx/6xxxx series chips have no GPU acceleration with his patcher.

What about using Open Core Legacy Patcher? That starts at Big Sur and can give GPU acceleration for non-Metal Macs? I have a partition with Monterey on my 2011 MBP and it works pretty good. And OCLP is still being developed, so they keep improving it.

I already experience weird behavior on my MacBook Pro 5,5 and iMac 12,2 that may be related to unsupported Mac OS “hacks”. I have no motivation to do more to increase chances of further unexpected/weird behaviors.

I just need to hold on a little longer until Apple makes it clear that the Mac Studio is the ONLY option for me (if the Apple Silicon Mac Pro is still insanely priced), and then just finally commit to buying it, a display (hopefully an improvement on the current Studio Display next year), a new audio interface, a new Wacom tablet, and whatever else I’m forced to replace because development was abandoned by various jerk companies who want to force people to buy product from them again instead of asking me for a sensible charge to maintain drivers on a new OS…

Thanks for trying to help, though :slight_smile:

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I am still waiting for a formal response on solving this issue…

With regards to what @BFD_Drew posted above, have you tried downloading London Sessions again to see if he patched it?


No, I have not.

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I didn’t get around to it yet, sorry. Super busy!

Okay, thanks for letting me know.