"BFD Percussion" pieces missing from BFD3?

I’ve been porting my projects from BFD2 to BFD3, and I occasionally have missing samples in BFD3. I just experienced it now. I undid the plug-in switch to go back to BFD2 and checked the name on the specific piece: a black cowbell labeled “BFD Percussion”.

I never bought an expansion called “BFD Percussion”, yet I clearly have some of the kit pieces from it. Were some pieces of this expansion made available in some freebie, or in some other version of BFD1 or 2 (CM Magazine Free, Eco, Lite, etc… I know that “8-Bit Kit” had a few freebies given out too, though I can’t remember if that was in BFD2 or what)? How might I have ended up with some of the kit pieces without buying the expansion? I have not downloaded anything illicit, of course.

How do I get these pieces into BFD3?

That’s from the original BFD2 library, I still have it so just checked.
It has some pieces from the Percussion kit, and the 8 bit kit.

Not sure why they weren’t included in the London Sessions though. :thinking:


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Thank you for the very useful information, Steve.

I guess I need to ask @BFD_Drew ?

Sounds like it may be percussion drums that were included with BFD2 and haven’t been included in London Sessions. I’ll double check that this week and see if I can patch it.


Thank you Drew. Please keep me posted.

@BFD_Drew any update on this?

Hi. Drew posted yesterday that he’s out sick right now.

Oh no; I hope he gets well soon. Thanks for the note.

I’m looking for an update on this again. I hope all is well behind the scenes…