BFD not working in GigPerfomer

I’m trying to use BFD drums in GigPerformer. It will not receive midi nor output any sound. I load a kit; I see the drums load but no response when I hit the keyboard. If I click on the individual drums, I see a response from the icon on the fader, but no response from the fader itself. It’s like the drums aren’t loaded but I’ve double-checked many times. If I do a direct replacement of BFD with Superior Drums, then everything works as expected, so the connections are set up correctly.
I contacted GigPerformer and they say (of course) the problem lies with BFD. I tried to use BFD player but it just crashed immediately with a dialog box saying the build has expired.
Any thoughts?

Hi! Well I haven’t got this problem. I placed my bfd and routed it to the different outputs I created in the Wiring Panel in GP and it works.

Maybe you should post some screenshots of your setup.