BFD not working as expected in Logic Pro X

I’m having two annoying problems.

  1. The automation is not as listed. I am attempting to automate Groove effects, and the effects don’t match what shows in the automation lane. I’m assuming they’re all offset, hopefully by a predictable number, but I haven’t determined that yet. Also, the knobs don’t animate as they do in most plugins, so I have to go by ear.

  2. The Grooves that play back are not the ones I am attempting to trigger with keyswitches in the piano roll. This is really annoying, because they were functioning fine initially. As to which Groove DOES play back, I can’t really figure out the logic of that either, as it isn’t the one that’s showing as selected in the Groove editor.

Please help!


Hey @Duckmandu!

  1. Are you sure you are getting the results you’re after? I thought the Groove FX were an offline process. You first make the adjustments in the lower panel, and then you “Apply Groove FX to selected Groove” and only then does the groove transform accordingly?

  2. To me, this sounds like an octave offset problem. Have a look in the Preferences of BFD for starters, and make sure that Logic agrees with the octave numbering system.

Regarding which groove is playing back.
^This is the page of the manual.

Generally, depending on the settings on the top (Def. Start, Def End, Auto-Fill), and the settings on the bottom (Slot Start, Slot End, Fill) you get different behaviour.

If you start with one selected groove but the Default End is “Random” for example, this groove will play back once, and then another one will play, and then another one etc.

If you want to play just the grooves with your keyboard, ONLY what groove is on what key you press at the time, change the Default End of the groove palette to LOOP.

I hope I got this right.