BFD Missing from Pro Tools Plug In folder After PT2021 Update

Updated Pro Tools and while loading a session, a window pops up saying BFD is not in the Plug In Folder. So, I re-downloaded the BFD license manager, trashed pt preferences and Aax plug ins. Did not work.

I looked in pt plug in folders, and I saw BFD3 in there, the date was too old to be BFD3.4. But it was working before the update.

Anyone dealt with this ? I am fearing a complete re- install of BFD3. Does anyone know how completly remove BFD3.4 and start over ? Would I have to delete audio data ?

Just re-install the latest update over your existing installation. Don’t delete your audio data, assuming it’s all up to date.

I’m on Mac and the last time I updated Pro Tools, it de-authorized my libraries, but nothing else like missing plugin, etc.

Thanks, I tried re-downloading the LM. When I ran it seems it did not install anything. It just authorized my BFd stuff. Seems like I need a new install to put bfd3.4 in the right place.

Any ideas? Is there an uninstalled somewhere?

Or maybe I need to paste something in my plug in folder ?

If you can unpack the downloaded installer, you might just be able to paste the AAX plugin and try that.

I got it working. Thanks for helping. I don’t know why BFD got lost in the PT update.

But reinstalling got screwed up because I didn’t realize you have to click on BFD in the “ authorized” window to see the “download options. I thought running the authorization manager was the installer.

Thanks again

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