BFD minimal System Requirements


Minimum Requirements: Windows 10 version 1909 and above, OSX 10.12 and above for Mac. Core2Duo 2.0ghz or equivalent, 4GB DDR3 RAM, SSD for audio content strongly recommended. Internet connection for product download"

On the official Inmusic bfd site I cannot find any hint that you need to be online except for product downloads. In Germany (where I bought bfd ) this kind of product description is legally binding.


Drew has said both here (somewhere) and on KVR that the on line issue should be fixed in the next build.


Hi Steve,
I know. But this afternoon Drew posted:

"I am listening, I’m just also super busy!

I’ve raised this with management. Will follow up!

It is not expected behaviour that packs go unlicensed when you’re offline. That’s a bug.

But there IS currently an expectation that the user go online every so often which is something I am raising as a UX issue.
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Yes I did see another post alluding to the once monthly (or occasional) on line registration checks.

I’m not sure what the purpose is and for me it’s not really an issue but I know it will still be a big onen for other people so I’d be interested in hearing their reasoning.


Once a month to refresh licensing isn’t a big deal to me, as long as I can work offline. I’m mostly online, but when I need to be off, I need to be off.

I would think that being able to press a button and force a refresh on the users schedule would be a big deal for some. Not everyone has virus scanning on their audio machines, so they probably need to minimize the time to do that. Or, some way they can manually refresh the license via sneakernet.

agree that it wouldn’t be the biggest deal. I just don’t get why after more than 15 years in digital audio and quite a lot of plugins used this is the first vendor who seems to insist in such a thing even without telling about it under system requirements.

If I would have been informed about this in advance I would have rejected to migrate because BFD3 has been running stable for the last years. Now I’m stuck in the mid of a migration that has not been well prepared and sucks, have lost a number of my paid expansions and am forced to be online with two studio computers which are not equipped for being online (no virus scanners …)
I prefer to be informed about such changes in advance, especially if I have paid around 2 K $… for a software and its expansions over the years.


If you want to go back to the last version you might find that BFD3 is still available in your download section on the fxpansion site as well as all your kits and the old licence manager.

Just uninstall BFD3.4 and the new licence manager.

Then you can try again in a month or so when hopefully al the migration bugs will be ironed out and they’ll be a BFD3.4.1 or or 3.4.3 or something.

If they’re not, I can upload them for download.
Not your kits though obviously :wink:


Thanks al lot Steve for the help offered! I’m set up to roll back to my former installation. However it consumed quite a bit of time and effort to go through the migration process which wasn’t prepared to well…

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Drew has said:
“But there IS currently an expectation that the user go online every so often which is something I am raising as a UX issue”
What does he mean?
That the company expects users to go online every so often and he is trying to change that?
or what?
The software has to go online every so often, but it’s currently trying to do it all the time?
Even though the system requirements are to connect once only.
Don’t users of something so important to their professions deserve some unambiguous statements?
This is appalling…
I am so angry with this clusterfuck. I’ve had to buy another drum VST and go through all my projects removing BFD3 and setting up a new VST with all its inputs/outputs and internal settings. Why? Because some software business couldn’t organise wiping its arse?
Really - why would ANYBODY continue with this shower? The product was good, but if, at some random point everything goes tits up like this…
No professional can accommodate crap


Yeah I guess at the time I first read Drews comment I was hopeful that he might be able to make them see the folly of their ways but now I’m not feeling such optimism and surprised and disappointed that the issue wasn’t fixed in this new build.

I’ll stick with BFD3 since I’m hoping to start beta testing BFD4 soon, that and the fact I’m not prepared to invest a lot of time and money in superior drummer (being the nearest equivalent)
I have AD2 and Steven Slates V4 but never use them and kind of regret wasting money on them now.
I actually fired up Steven Slates Drums a few days ago and was shocked at how cheap and crap it looked alongside BFD3.

I guess you could always revert back to BFD3.3.1 and the old licence manager, at least that way you can still use something that (IMHO) is much better than the competition and probably will be for a good few years.

I just don’t get their reasoning for making owners continually have to prove that they’re valid licence holders, (assuming that’s their reasoning) It’s that kind of thing that will drive users either to another drum VST or a pirated copy of BFD3.



The old license manager won’t work any more at some point, probably soon. This was stated in their FAQ. FXpansion authorization servers won’t be maintained because they no longer own BFD.

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Exactly. If this nonsense keeps up, that’s exactly what will happen. Anti-piracy measures don’t stop pirates and never has. DRM ONLY hurts customers, the people who spend money to own a legitimate license and get support.

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Oh dear, good point.



I was just trying to a find my Tiny BFD thread, and scrolling down is just thread after thread after thread of authorisation issues, and a load of these kinda threads.

I started doubting myself that it had been a year of this, yet here we are.