BFD Marching Drums

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BFD Marching Drums is expertly recorded by John Emrich, also not a review but a very tasty kit indeed. Great for all sorts of productions.

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Thanks for this. Will check it out.

Just to say - it’s great to see that the negativity re. the move from fXpansion to In-Music has abated on this forum. I had a bad time myself in that move - check my profile for posts here! But BFD is working OK for me again now. Was it painful? Yeah. But BFD is all about drums, and once you ‘start from the beginning’, it gets more stable, and it does it so well.

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Very happy to hear that, I’ve had my share of issues with BFD too, in fact just last night I had some some with tje Neil Peart expansion, on laptop it was smooth and easy, on my main pc I had to mess around for a few hours to get it all going.

Instead of making it as negative as F on here for everyone else, I choose to look at the good side of it all, and work through the rest of it as best I can.

100% Agree :+1:t2:

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Why are the demos for expansions so bad? I was interested in an expansion for a project, went to the demo for Marching Drums and was deeply un-impressed….then I listened to the Orchestral demo. Take a listen and compare. Same old tired rhythm - and over-orchestrated. Virtually the same palette of sounds. Hard to evaluate properly based on these demos. No idea of the range of drums, tonal qualities etc. Not everyone wants to make “action movie” soundtracks (which all follow the same tired old format). Then, for a real shocker, check out the Virtually Erskine Grooves. I haven’t heard bad midi programming like that since the 90s…awful, no groove at all. Stiff as a quantised 8th…. really BFD you need to up your game. Not buying based on these samples. Happy with the kits I have and BFD 3 but for special purpose drums I’ll look elsewhere.

The FXpansion Soundcloud sometimes has more audio examples than on the BFD Drums product page.

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OK, but point of sale is where I would expect to find examples - I thought the golden rule was keep customers on your site, not send them away to a third party site. But hey, what do I know, thanks for the info though I’ll check these out.

EDIT - having done so I’m rather disappointed - very “machine gun” like. As I said about the Erskine programming, someone needs to do some serious work here.

That’s definitely what it should be.