BFD Live at Gigs

is anyone else out there using BFD for live sound at gigs?… any thoughts experiences you can share?…im playing around with using BFD Live


Would be interesting to be at a gig when the Licence Manager decides your 90 days are up! It’s a brave soul that would use BFD3 live.

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I’ve posted before, that this authorizing scheme is a deal-breaker for live use imo. That could just be a total disaster and one you lose your job/gig over. For live use, the authorization must be tied to a machine ID auth file, or usb dongle. There cannot be any risk of interruption. This is a niche part of the market that inMusic is missing out on.

I can’t see how anyone would safely use this live as it is. Maybe that Alesis Player thing is supposed to cover that? I haven’t been keeping up with all that tbh.

thx for all your comments so far​:sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: please keep em coming…

ok …so im that brave fool playing with this live… so far so good… my fall backs are defaulting to module (alesis DM 10= not ideal) and flipping back to acoustic (older musos like this)… can flip back to acoustic in 5mins… am keeping bfd licence front of mind now (thx)… im largely runnin macbook offline at live gig (any advantage / issue with that?)

anyways…what i do know is that drum production & levels have perhaps biggest impact on audience experience and over audio quality/clarity…(and vocal clarity on stage) … with more and more venues (i play at) having audio level constraints

re set up…at present i provide separate channels to the Mix Engineer (macbook USB to Mackie DL32S running Masterfader 5) so they see me as ‘a normal kit set up’ and provide me with custom mix

im finding i need seperate mixes for Front of House (low cymbals) and for me (for Ride and Hihat detail)

is this topic of interest to people??… would u like me to keep posting my experiences??

im also doing this cos im interested in upping our live stream quality


The issue is with the unpredictability of the LM, regardless of whether or not you have internet. I’m hard-wired and still got de-authorized a few times this past year. I haven’t had issues authorizing again, but that would be a showstopper for live use and if you can’t connect to the internet at a gig, you wouldn’t be able to get BFD3 back up and running.

The current LM has been better in some cases than in the past, but it’s something always in the back of my mind when I load up a session. The LM’s stability and the current authorization scheme does not have my full confidence. But I love BFD drums and appreciate the amount of effort, passion and attention to detail that went into making them over the years, so that’s why I’m sticking around for now.


for remote sessions without robust internet access.
for systems that are optimized for reliable tracking for paid sessions where any/all O/S background services that could potentially disrupt a take are disabled.

despite claims of some improvement, user expectations have yet to be met here.

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