BFD License Manager Error Says It's Running

Trying to install BFD3 on my laptop (it’s on my desktop). Downloaded BFD License Manager, confirmed my product authorizations, but when trying to install BFD3, after going through the steps, I ultimately get the following:
“BFD License Manager is running and needs to be updated. Please close all BFD applications and DAWs and run this installer again.”
But there is no other instance of License Manager running (that I can tell) and there are no other instances of BFD or DAWs running. Is there an updated version of License Manager and how would I get it?

Same issue here. Is there a solution? Thanks…

Hi, FYI here’s the solution…

In Licence Manager, go to File → Options.
In the “Preferences” dialog, there’s a “Download Location” text field.

Go into that directory, and you’ll see a sub-directory called “BFD3 Update”. In there will be the installer for your platform (Win/Mac).

Close the Licence Manager application, and launch the installer from that directory. Should work fine…

To be clear - there is a distinct chicken-and-egg problem with BFD as it currently stands. The BFD installer is comprised of two different things:

  • BFD Software
  • Licence Manager

So yeah, while their dialog is cryptic, and while it appears to be a bug, from a software perspective, it makes sense that you can’t install an upgrade for a piece of software that is already running (Licence Manager).

Hi All,

Thank you Eanna for passing this info on, Forgive the delay in our responses at the moment. It seems that you’ve been able resolve this issue now. As such we plan to archive the post. However do let us know if you continue to have issues. Kind Regards~

When you say “Archive” - does that mean making it a Sticky post? Or you’re gonna move it off ‘elsewhere’?