BFD, let me introduce you to BDC

Maybe this post I put on the BFD4 requests belongs here since it concerns expansion kits. :thinking:

This is a mildly humorous request, but I think BFD could benefit from some star endorsement and having just discovered that Al Murray (of Pub Landlord fame) is the MD of The British Drum Company, I think he’d be a great one to go for, when BFD meet BDC has a great ring to it too. :wink:

See if you can record some of their kits as expansion packs. :wink:

Although I’m kind of joking I actually think it could be a really good idea.

Here’s the lovable pub landlord at NAM espousing the wonders of his product.


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We’ve chatted to them in the past. They’re a very cool company! Never say never :slight_smile:


I’d definitely buy them.

I just f#ckin love Al Murray, comic genius.