BFD in cubase 11 tempo problem

When I start BFD in Cubase, first bar is out of tempo, but from second bar everything in ok. How to fix it. Very uncomfortable.
Thanks in advance.

This probably is a Cubase problem rather a BFD one. I have found out that if you don’t use a Bar Offset in Cubase and your project starts on the very beginning, on the very left, everything “clashes” against each other in the very start of the project.

Project Setup (Shift+S) → Display Bar Offset

Give it a bar or two, and start your project at 0. Hopefully this will allow things to play as they should.

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Thanks for reply. I tried what you suggested but unfortunately it didn’t work. It looks like first few MIDI notes don’t play at beginning of the first bar. I do what you suggest and start from 1st bur, everything works the way it should. Will try the same scenario with Logic Pro and see what’s happened. Will post result.

Yes, it is Cubase problem, In Logic Pro x everything works like a charm.

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Are you sure that those midi events start on exactly one of the first bar? If the event starts even just a tick before the start of the bar Cubase won’t bother to play it. (The same happens when the MIDI part starts on the 1, ok, but the very first events within the part extend to the left, even by a hair. Those too will not be played.)

That’s why I always use a bar offset, so that the timeline starts at bar 0, or -1, and I start my music on bar 1. Then, even if the very first hit of any instrument is a bit early (for groove’s sake) everything plays back fine.

If everything works fine in Logic with the same Audio interface settings (buffer size, sample rate), then it’s indeed this Cubase playback quirk we’re discussing. There’s not much you can do except to avoid beginning your project on the very left. It’s been that way with Cubase for a looong time.

Even more, it look like Cubase struggle set the tempo on that first bar. When I hit play half of the first bar plays faster and the second half Cubase plays the tempo correctly. Crazy. Any thoughts?. Thanks.

I don’t remember the exact explanation, but it’s always been like this. When music starts at the very left without a gap, Cubase sort of “throws everything to the sound driver” when we press play (Start) so depending on driver latency, it chokes more or less spectacularly until it catches up again.

Almost everyone over at the Cubase forums suggests that we use a gap, either by pulling the start of the music to the right, or to use a bar offset. That’s how I’m doing it too, using a bar offset of one bar, for various other reasons as well. (Initial parameters of automation, and other quirks.)

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