BFD horsepower problems

I just authorized, downloaded and installed bfd horsepower on an external drive and everything seemed to go fine. Then I opened bfd and scanned for the folder containing the bfd horsepower installation and the content manager shows the check mark with no errors.

When I try to load a preset from bfd HP there is no trace that it has been installed? No presets, no kits nothing. It’s like the install never happened.

How do I fix this? I have many other expansions installed on external SSD drives that work fine.

I’m lost…

Thanks for any help you can provide

Is it just presets, or is the content itself not working? What happens if you load individual content, i.e. a single drum, kit, or groove, without using a whole preset?

Also, probably not it, given that you seem to know what you’re doing, but I’m going to throw this out just because sometimes I miss one:
Right under Presets, there are 6 little toggle buttons labeled Kit, Mix, Grv, Key, Auto, and Glo. I forget whether blue is on or off, but they need to be toggled to select which of those you load from the preset, and which you don’t.

Thanks for responding! I can’t load anything from horsepower, kits, presets. Kit pieces. When I look into the folder where the installer put the data there is one folder labeled audio only.

I’ve never had this happen before but I can’t load anything even though the content manager found the data and gave me the check mark.

Do I delete the folder and reinstall?

Also, where would I find the folders with the presets and kit files? Perhaps they were installed to a place that Bfd3 is not looking?


Just to be clear… I can’t even see any presets, kits or kit pieces, so nothing is shown that I would select and load.

If individual kit pieces are missing, I would totally reinstall and manually browse for the new directory under content locations. It has to have missed it.

Presets and Kits are installed under the BFD content directory, i.e. BFD3/System/Presets. I have a few under BFD Horsepower/System/Presets, but that’s probably my own doing. So mostly, rescan BFD3 content for presets.

Got everything sorted main hard drive was not selected for scanning so that was a problem. Now I just need to get my BFD2 content to authorize and I will have everything up to speed.

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My issue with HP is, the presets won’t show if I put them in the System folder, only User. Other than that, I’ve been loving this kit to death. I can’t wait to mix the stems in my DAW proper.

Here is the complete opposite with HP, I do have the samples after installation but nothing else, no presets, no kits.