BFD has begun crashing in Studio One

I have used it successfully in Studio One 5 for quite a while, using Maximum dropout protection and high sample quality. I had no issues whatsoever and found BFD to be very reliable. I took some time away from making music and have just begun again. Sadly, I had to revalidate the BFD licenses and since then BFD crashes after about 1 minute even on the lowest dropout protection and I get a red grumpy face mark in Studio One 6. It is unusable.

I have tried using BFD with Studio One 5 and the result is the same. Crashes without warning.

The only changes to my system other than Windows Updates (Win 10) are the fact that i had to revalidate BFD.

Tried reinstalling BFD and it made no difference.

EDIT: It only happens at one point in the song, and when i changed the drum preset the crash did not happen, so I guess it is a sample or midi message in that particular preset I made which is causing the crash. Touch wood that will fix it.