BFD fails Logic Pro validation

Latest BFD works as a standalone but fails to validate in Logic.

Big Sur 11.5.2. Logic 10.7.3. BFD

Anyone else have this fun problem? Better still, a solution. Its happened about 10 times. After that gave up.


PS. Support and contact web page on Inmusic don’t work. You cannot submit any kind of ticket or message.

I’m a windows user so not the best person to help out but could it be a permissions issue?

You can try


Hi Steve63.
Thanks for the advice. Every other plugin works. BFD works as a standalone. Avultool crashes every time. I even tried it with LP 10.5. Same result. Its possibly Big Sur or BFD. At the moment I can’t work out which, but suspect it’s BFD as it fails both versions of logic.

Hi Scorp , sorry no solution , same problem though BFD3 3.3.1
El Capitan/logic 10.3.3 stand alone/bfd2 fine .Crashes evaluation every time.I wonder did you delete your audio units case file? Find a solution

Re you on an M1 Mac?