BFD fails Logic Pro validation

Latest BFD works as a standalone but fails to validate in Logic.

Big Sur 11.5.2. Logic 10.7.3. BFD

Anyone else have this fun problem? Better still, a solution. Its happened about 10 times. After that gave up.


PS. Support and contact web page on Inmusic don’t work. You cannot submit any kind of ticket or message.

I’m a windows user so not the best person to help out but could it be a permissions issue?

You can try


Hi Steve63.
Thanks for the advice. Every other plugin works. BFD works as a standalone. Avultool crashes every time. I even tried it with LP 10.5. Same result. Its possibly Big Sur or BFD. At the moment I can’t work out which, but suspect it’s BFD as it fails both versions of logic.

Hi Scorp , sorry no solution , same problem though BFD3 3.3.1
El Capitan/logic 10.3.3 stand alone/bfd2 fine .Crashes evaluation every time.I wonder did you delete your audio units case file? Find a solution

Re you on an M1 Mac?

Just a thought regards Mac.

I had a program which kept crashing on startup. It turned out to be a duplicated plist file in the Mac folder which holds all the program plists. Not at my computer but I believe this is the preferences folder. A plist file seems to be created by the program when it’s run, if the system has a second one of same name in this location (and case upper or lower appears to make no difference here) then it can confuse the starting program causing hangs or crashes. The solution is simply to delete the plist relating to your program which is not starting. To play safe if testing, you can just copy file to a safe location the system doesn’t read and put it back in its original location if your test fails to find it’s the solution.

Although this looks like an au plugin corruption type issue. Have you looked to see what’s in you plugin component folder (system library / audio / plugins or is that application support / audio / plugins, I can never remember when not at the computer).