BFD Expansions Sound Lists

Good day I was wondering if anyone could direct me to where can I find lists of sounds in an expansion before purchasing them? Thanks.

Sadly you don’t get to audition individual hits from each kit piece like you used to, that was a long time ago and something I was really sad to see go.
You get demo’s of the full kit and some info as to what kit pieces are in each expansion and how they were recorded.


@Sajin7 This is not as complete as you’re probably looking for, but there’s a set of slighly more detailed FAQs on the Akai Pro support site (I know, why would you think of looking there?).

Here’s an example of one, for Maple Custom Absolute:

It gives listings of the kit pieces, mics etc. For the larger expansions like London Sessions, it doesn’t go into the same level of detail on individual pieces, but it’s a bit more helpful than the product page

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Additionally, there are very detailed reviews by Benoni studio, going through each kit sound

The Benoni site also has links to the reviews on YouTube

Good to know thanks. I think I previously would just find the expansion info on the FXpansion website. I think it might be a good idea for the bfddrums site to have these Akai links either on the individual products page, or one page with all the links for quick referencing.