Bfd ECO does it qualify for London sessions expansion pack?

So I miss some of my BFD Eco kits in BFD3, however browsing around the forum it seems owning ECO qualifies for the London Sessions expansion. However, when I send in the question to tech support, I get a confused reply telling me that I qualify for an upgrade to BFD3. (Of course, I was aware of this, given that I had already upgraded and provided my serial number in the tech support case). Any pointers?

Good question and I don’t have the answer but if you can, you might want to PM @BFD_Drew to see if he can provide you with a serial number for The London Sessions.


Thanks, will give that a try

well hmm, not sure if anyone is responding over the holiday?

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Any further info out there on this issue?

Bump this issue. Can anyone say BFD Eco would qualify for the London sessions

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My guess would be probably not as it’s now a legacy product which is a great shame.

However, the last build of Eco does load BFDLAC files so it might be able to load the London Sessions, that said the LM might not allow them to play. :thinking:

I could try this later as I have both.


I just compared the info between Eco and BFD2. Even with the Eco v1.5 upgrade, it doesn’t seem to have quite as many kit pieces as BFD2 does, so I’m guessing it doesn’t qualify. But at the very least, they should be offering Eco users a significant discount on London. This stuff should’ve been ironed out before the official migration took place. I don’t know why they assumed people would upgrade to BFD3 and just be content to abandon their old libraries that they paid for.

There are over 90 kit pieces in BFD2 including 10 Full kits, 8 hihats, 23 cymbals, 16 snares and an extra kick!

The BFD Eco library contains 5 kicks, 6 snares, 12 toms, 3 hihats and 11 cymbals taken from the BFD2 library alongside a selection of percussion from the BFD Percussion expansion pack. Over 40 mix-ready presets are provided, each featuring a carefully chosen kit constructed from the library with lovingly applied additional tweaking and processing.
The v1.5 upgrade features another 2 sets of kick/snare/toms, 4 cymbals and a hihat.

That is interesting Fender Bender. I have a PM to Drew on my BFD 1 -EL Dorado and asked about it. So I guess we will see.

Of course, the BFD Eco library was made up of kits from the BFD2 library and the 8 bit kit but with less detail.

I just tried to add The London Sessions and got the, ‘you have unlicensed kits’ message but I can’t licence them so it seems the answer is no.


Having said that, I just added BFD Heavy to BFD Eco’s data paths and it’s loading up just fine. :thinking:

I’ll see what else I can get away with. :slight_smile:


@BFD_Drew was kind enough to provide London Sessions. According to BFD Support BFD Eco users are entitled to Zildjan Digital Vaults (I lucked out and got both)


Wow, very cool man. Glad you got hooked up in the end.

Yeah just to clarify, anyone who owns a copy of Eco gets a BFD London Sessions. Anyone who owns a copy of Eco DV (the Zildjian Gen-16 tie-in from years back) gets a copy of the Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol. 1 pack.

When I introduced Eco to the London Sessions it asked me to licence it.
I removed it from Eco’s data base.

So the question is, (@BFD_Drew) can I authorise it with the new LM?

I figured probably not so next question is, can I install and run the old fxpansion LM (version 2_1_0_14) and do it that way? Will it be able to log into the old fxpansion server?

To be honest I’m not likely to use Eco, great though it is/was so it’s not an issue. :grin:


None of the new packs (IE: the ones repackaged for the new licensing system) will work with the older FXpansion products; including Eco.

At the moment ROLI are keeping the FX auth servers online, and no-one has made any noises to me about turning it off, so I think for now people are safe to carry on using the older products. But be warned; I have zero control over what ROLI or FXpansion do now. My goal is to make sure that people are safe going forward, with regards to BFD3.4 and future software.

Existing Eco owners get a healthy discount on BFD3.4, so if the worst happens, they have a route forward.

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