BFD Drums at 50% off

Just had email from bfd drums

Looks genuine.

Click buy and prices do come up at 50% off.


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Not sure if there’s a slight problem on bfd site

Black album drums comes up as BFD Vintage Recording Techniques

Jazz And Funk comes up as it should.

Though they do show a reduction at check out.



Things are definitely not as they should be.

I’m ready to purchase packs from BFD

Some other company is goin’ to get that business, or at least part of it.

Come on guys at bfd - get it together.

Good job I’m a very laid back person.


Can’t remove items from shopping cart on the site.

So, BFD3.4 doesn’t work, and you want more money? Anyone tried Superior Drummer 3 ?

Bfd3 Does work (for me) with a few slight problems that will eventually be addressed.

I also have superior drummer 3 and all the Kontakt Abbey road drums though I prefer BFD.

Superior 3, and Abbey road are very good.


It doesn’t? I’ve been using it with little to no issues? Sure, it’s not perfect and still needs an overhaul, but these are some of the most realistic drum sounds out there for the money imo. Glad I came back.


I’m getting pissed off with this. I’m getting zero support, or response as to what could be the problem, or if it’s a known issue.

Thanks, I’ve never used another brands drum software. This is the second time in many years with BFD, that things got rediculous.

Left it 3 days now.

Black album drums still showing up as BFD Vintage Recording Techniques

In bfddrums 50% sale on bfddrums site.