Bfd.dll scan fail in Reaper and Mixbus32C

Hi since the latest cersion, Bfd can just work in standalone. The bfd.dll is well install but Reaper tells me there a problem when scanning it. Mixbus32c can just not find it…
It’s sad but I’ve been a long time user and now I believe I need to turn Bfd’s page :sob:. Maybe a solution before?

Hi @Elie

Sorry for the delay in my response and this issue. I’m afraid I cant immediately assist with this but if you can create a report for us (as shown here) I can pass this onto the developers for you and they can Investigate why this may be occurring. Else if your issue is now resolved can you let us know what changed for you so it works?

Kindest Regards~

Hi, as I said to Drew it was a mistake. I installed BFD on my 2nd drive instead of the local one…so now evrery things are good. Thanks :wink:

Glad you got things sorted @Elie :slight_smile:

I’ll archive this post.

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