BFD disabled because you are not logged in...every time

I’ve logged in, logged out. Opened browser, closed browser. Every time I’ve gone to use this software since the migration there’s some nonsense that must be dealt with. If the the call home license “feature” causes so much headache for so many people, why not disable it until you figure it out? It’s utterly frustrating.

I’m getting off this thing. I actually don’t use the kits much and have found ways to get more than adequate replacement for the percussion pieces I rely on using Ableton drum racks.

Given that my usual retailers are not carrying this thing anymore, I’m betting it’s only a matter of time before yet another corporate decision regarding i(non)nvestment is made that will not be beneficial for existing users.

Which license manager and OS do you have? v3.0.4.2 has issues on Monterey. v3.0.4.3 works, at least on Intel.

Thanks Kafka,
Monterey was the issue (well…that’s debatable). Anyway, I had already got it going thanks to Drew’s hot fix. I just had to vent, which I feel ridiculous doing. My frustrations still stand though! If I didn’t love its sounds over the other software I wouldn’t bother with it at all.


I will do the same now…BFD had problems since it entered the market.
It´s rediculous throughout the whole time and i bought 21 expansion throughout the whole time i bought BFD 1. Sad to see that this company is unable to fix their problems.
And all 30 days new authorization ? I don´t understand it. Honestly i wanted to sell everything, but i would feel like cheating the buyer, because i already know that it won´t work. So i lost a lot of money for having a buggy software since BFD 1…very disappionting…at least…it´s not professional !!!

I had issues by try keeping the old installation from FxPansion. I removed it completly, just backed up my presets and reinstalled it from InMusic which works fine. No re-registration needed after 30 days. So maybe it’s a special os issue or something is wrong on your computers.