BFD Dark farm, bleed problem

Bug 1

1 BFD, BFD Dark Farm expansion
2 Load snare and an extra snare bottom appears in the kit tab section, when you open up the snare to show the 3 slots top 1, top 2 and bottom extra bottom appears, no goes sound through it
3 No matter which snare from the DF expansion the same thing happens
4 Happens every time

Although not effecting performance in any way its using up real estate on the kit mix

Bug 2

1 Load anykit pieces and then set each to have the bleed off (dir and on the other choices), there is still bleed feeding through to the hi-hat and toms, for instance soloing the kick there is bleed on the hi-hat, tom mid and tom low. Solo the snare and there is bleed on the hi hat and all the toms and the same variations on other kit pieces.
2 Everytime i have used this expansion the same thing happens

I like to turn the bleed off as i like to process each kit piece in my case cubase 12 to my own taste so in the case of the hi-hat some eq and some compression, but when for instance i set up the kick the bleed from that is feeding into the hihat and therefore effecting the clarity of the hihat. It would appear that the turn bleed off is not working

Bug 3

2 Using the ride cymbal today and the the bell was playing normally but the it would hit much louder about by about 6 decibels and then go soft again as i was looping the drum track selected.

Only found today so will check if reproduced tommorrow

Thanks hammy

Bug 2 resolved by turning the send in the bleed tabs to the far left on all kit pieces and bleeds disappear and i can hear a clear hi-hat.

Bug 3 Increase the velocity to 100 on the ride bell and a consistant volume is had no loud/quiet. Again there is a lot more headroom in this expansion, so no need to edit velocities or heavy handed compression to keep things grooving.

Can’t resolve bug 1 unfortunately.

An almost happy Hammy