BFD Crush kick & snare bleed?

Can anyone who has Crush confirm whether or not there is supposed to be any bleed between the kick and snare? I’m not hearing any on my end with the bleed levels cranked, but perhaps this is just by design to have no bleed? Thanks.

I’m not hearing any bleed on crush presets for kick & snare :slight_smile:

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@deangersmith Thanks man. Shame, I do like to blend in a tiny bit, but not so much that you need to gate it.

I picked Crush up from Mr_Arkadin. Really liking it so far. I was scared it was going to be too metal, but in fact it seems to be pretty versatile, minus the toms which are… well, I’m not quite sure how to describe them? :rofl:.

Awesome sounding snares, especially when you link two of them. It is a pretty large kit though and I had to make some routing compromises, in order to print separate tracks in my DAW.

No probs, lol at the toms comment. It has some really cool things about it, Benoni studio has some killer presets for it but they’re massive kits and mainly metal orientated, specially the grooves.

Yeah, his stuff is a little too metal for me. I’m gonna stop using the onboard FX from now on anyways. It’s a bit too much to have to mix a kit twice and I’d much rather bring it into my DAW to mix. Then I’ll have more full mix templates ready to go with BFD3, when using my own processing. Having the onboard FX is nice and handy to have though.

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They really do offer a lot, very overlooked by some. I agree though, most of the time I turn them all off and do most of the processing in DAW. But they’re awesome for initial load up and jamming until finding the kit or preset that’s suited for the track, specially when using the standalone.

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