!BFD but Win 10 BFD3 cannot start BFDLACTool

I have installed BFD3 64bit ver. twice and I just cannot get BFDLACTool to start from the interface. I have installed the same version on my “Vinatage” MacBook Pro (Intel CPU) and everything seems to function just fine.

BFD Version:
Steps to Reproduce: invoke the “tool” BFD3 software UI > Tools > Save disk space with BFDTool…
Expected Result: BFDLACTool opens
Actual Result: Windows throws the error window stating it cannot find “C:\Program Files (x86)\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool\BFDLACTool.exe.”
Reproducibility: I have installed the whole software twice and on each installation I was able to get the error window to pop up every time.
Additional Notes: The executable is installed in “C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool” as File Explorer indicates. I “snooped” in the Registry and I was not able to find any registry entries for “C:\Program Files (x86)\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool\BFDLACTool.exe” where BFD3 searches.

I found no reference in
but in
AppPath REG_SZ C:\Program Files\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool\BFDLACTool.exe

Work around: Copied the directory “BFDLACTool\BFDLACTool.exe” to where it expects; “C:\Program Files (x86)\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool\BFDLACTool.exe.”

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I reported this years ago, not sure why it hasn’t been fixed as I would have thought it’s a relatively easy thing to do.It hasn’t worked for years.

If you just go to the folder C:\Program Files\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool, you can run it from there.
It still works fine, just not fro within BFD3 itself.


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Thank you for taking time to write a note. As suggested in the title of the post,
“!” BFD (Not BFD :slight_smile: It’s very minor but annoying.

As stated before, it sure works fine on Mac OS…

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Just a thought here…
Unless i’m understanding this wrongly, which would not surprise me at all, i believe @Satman that you’re wanting to convert Wav content to BFDLAC using the BFDLAC tool?
If you’re struggling to get it to work, why not just log into BFD Licence manager and download the required library in BFDLAC format from there, uninstall your Wav based library and then install the new BFDLAC library?
Unless of course you’re struggling with internet speeds?

Imho it’s well worth taking the time to move over to BFDLAC as it sounds just as great and saves you potentially huge amounts of disk space.
I have Deluxe, BOMB, Jazz and funk, the original BFD2 content(which i’m hoping @BFD_Drew can sort for me fairly soon) and a fair few other expansions which were originally in Wav format, all on a 1TB SSD, i’ve regained about 250GB so far :grinning:

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I don’t think he’s trying to use it to convert anything per se… He’s just pointing out that it’s not working as it should from within the BFD3 Tools menu. :thinking:

Gotcha! :grinning: No worries!

Thank you for your inputs!
@Fender_Bender Thank you for being an excellent interpreter of my intention. m(_ _)m
@Von-Funkenstein 1TB to 750GB is an awesome result. Thank you for offering the info.

Again thank you all for taking time for this !BFD (Not Big F***ing Deal) issue I posted.


BFD3 is bountiful in regards to little, annoying bugs. The sound is what reminds you why you put up with them.