BFD 3 waste of money

I sure wish I had researched this software more before wasting money on it.
I can’t get it to work at all - aside from the ridiculously complicated download/authorization nightmare, apparently it won’t run on a Mac M1/Big Sur. I feel ripped off.


One of the few certain statements that BFD Drums’ product “owner” has told us is that they are actively working on an Apple M1 version of BFD. What we don’t know is when they will release it, or if it will be a free update for existing owners of BFD3.

BFD used to be excellent. I used to have actively happy feelings about BFD. Now I feel the exact opposite. :frowning:

I will give them the benefit of the doubt on one thing: Apple M1 is a new architecture. Most stuff works on it in Intel Emulation mode, but some stuff doesn’t, and apparently Apple never tested BFD, or FXPansion/BFD Drums/inMusic never tested it themselves, or someone didn’t talk to Apple, or… Anyway, it’s not entirely unforgivable that M1 support is not yet there, but it is annoying to anyone who has an M1 Mac.

Have you posted a thread about your exact experience to see if anyone can offer suggestions to get it working? I don’t remember what BFD Drew said about current efforts to run it, as is, in Intel mode. Does it not work at all for anyone? I’m still on [a very old] Intel iMac.

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It’s interesting, many years ago I worked with a friend on a project where he had BFD 1, I was impressed enough that when putting together a new setup of my own I decided to put BFD 3 on it. You know, most everyone else has managed to come up with a version that works with the M1 chip, so I’m not that willing to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Right now I’m looking into how to get it off of my computer; I’m a working musician, and I’ve already wasted two days with this.

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BFD3 runs on M1 macs using Rosetta, like a lot of applications currently still do. We are indeed working on M1 support. Q1 next year.

No, it doesn’t, either as a standalone or in a DAW. It crashes finding it’s libraries.

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No, it doesn’t, either as a standalone or in a DAW. It crashes finding it’s libraries.

Yeah, unfotunately, I have the some problem on Monterey. I can load the BFD plugin my DAW, but it doesn’t locate any of the installed sample packs even though authorized. I’m hoping it’s closer to early Q1 than late Q1. :slight_smile:

@BFD_Drew If it worked via Rosetta, it would be a non-issue (lots of plugins in that boat), but right now, the latest BFD+License Manager combo won’t work as a plugin at all on Monterey because it can’t find the content.

Does it find the content in standalone???

It’s working here in standalone on Monterey. I see all my content and everything loads.

@BFD_Drew Standalone works here too, but not as a plugin (which honestly is 100% of the time I use BFD3).

Standalone reboots my computer completely on launch. I deleted so I don’t accidently launch it thinking it is the LM (which I did a couple of times).

Sorry aulp291, if I’d have seen you were interested in purchasing I would have advised against it (I’ve done this on another forum just now). I cannot in a honesty advise anyone to purchase this now and feel my conscience is clear. Unless things change this will be my stance on this product.

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Standalone still gives me - please launch the license manager, which then prompts login via browser, then the browser says successful you may close this window, but BFD just sits there on the same message, will not load, and it’s a cycle of being messed around like that, impossible to load even after trying all the suggestions on this forum. It works in my DAW though which I find hilarious and also really annoying, I do not always want to load my DAW in order to use BFD. This is on Monterey.

The license manager must be the problem, I installed the FXpansion version on my M1pro a few weeks ago and that works fine standalone and as a plugin. No idea if that can still be authorized or not, I might have gotten in a last minute auth. Problem with that version is I get the download content nag thing like crazy so I can’t use BFD to any capacity on mac just yet, but I’m very ok waiting for Q1 to get a native version.

I’m on MacBook (Big Sur) and have been using BFD3 for a couple of months now. I previously used BFD1. I definitely do not find BFD3 to be a waste of money. I find the sample content to be exceptionality excellent and the application itself to be very good. That’s not to say that I haven’t experienced any issues. But all in all, I am very happy that I decided to purchase a license to use BFD3.
I’m not fond of having to periodically re-authorize the app and libraries but am able to do so with little effort. The issue of buffer underruns described by some as cymbals/kit pieces choking cleared up after my last Big Sur and BFD3 update. There is a minor issue with creating new libraries for groove palettes, but it can be accomplished by modifying the palette file.
Other than that, I haven’t experienced any issues and have found both customer support and @BFD_Drew to be very helpful the one time that I required their assistance.
After using BFD3 for several months, I can honestly say that If I didn’t already have it, I would purchase BFD3 without hesitation. It is in my opinion and experience, the best drum app/plugin that I have ever encountered.

Out of curiosity I just did a complete uninstall of the FXP version and installed the inMusic version on my 14" M1pro MBP, only registering BFD3 core lib and none of my expansions, and it all works perfectly in Cubase and standalone. I think I’ll just leave it as is for now as not to cause it to break on me…

The license manager doesn’t load for me on Monterey it says updated needed but no update.

I don’t want to shoot the ambulance because they’ve been through 2 buy outs in short period… which often equals reorganizations and delays… and we’ll never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

however the software is currently unusable for a lot of users (I personally can’t get passed the authorization phase… I log in then, nothing) and the support has stopped replying.

As a developer myself I can understand that stuffs are just going sideways and you can’t tell when you’ll be back and track… however : please communicate. Even if you don’t know when you’ll be out of the woods, please communicate.

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however : please communicate. Even if you don’t know when you’ll be out of the woods, please communicate.

Agreed! I can accept technical issues and “we’re working on it” responses.
But being so blatantly ignored is just rude, and extremely poor business practice.
Luckily there is BFD_Drew, but one man can only do so much.


Let me tell you a joke, Apple sillcon is still not supported after a year, and the discount this year is terrible. I bought it for 2000RMB, and it was only about 300 RMB after the discount. It feels like they are going to harvest the last wave, then release new products, and harvest another wave

Is there a punchline? I’m trying to find something to laugh about?

I cry with joy at the amazing results I get from BFD3, even with the problems I have had in the past, I cry with absolute joy when my drum productions sound amazing.

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Lol, thanks I do enjoy it ( A LOT) and my 11 year old daughter already uses it, BFD ALL The WAY :pray:t2: