BFD 3 plays open hats when playing closed hats

I have my midi inputs set up for gen midi in Cubase and in BFD 3.
attached to a Yamaha dtx multi 12.

When I play closed hats,BFD 3 plays open hats which is very annoying.

All the assignments are fine.

I tried this in SD 2 and all is fine.
Closed,Pedal and open hats operate as they should.

How do I remedy this?

Hi DarrernMc and welcome to the BFD forums.

Check your dtx multi to see that it is sending the correct assignment with the pedal in the down position.

That’s all I got.

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Living Room Rocker

I wrote all the midi note assignments before I started.

I have written every midi note for the pads on the Yamaha dtx multi 12.

Then I look at keys are assigned for each tom in BFD 3.
So then I change them in Cubases midi mapper to match.

But when I play the floor tom pad,there is no sound.

There is something seriously wrong with the midi mapping in BFD 3.
I can load in SD2 and Mojo Drums and I don’t get these issues at all.

So essentially BFD 3 is broken software.

In Cubase I used “create midi map from instrument” after failing with every other option.

I tried to find the pedal hats by clicking every note but Nothing.

I ran across your post under the BFD3 Topic in the Cubase Forum and deleted my post as there was no need for the troubleshooting I posted here.

There are quite a few users in this Forum using Cubase with BFD3, so hopefully some will chime in…

if it’s of any help…personally when using drum modules etc as controllers I get it working well in the Standalone first and that helps eliminate some trouble shooting when moving to Vst/DAW.
Connect the DTX MULTI 12…load the DTX-MULTI 12 Key/Map and check…if the mapping seems out of wack check the Octave range…Tools > Preferences > MIDI.
I setup mainly Alesis Modules and the Octave needs to be set at -2 for the maps to line up properly
if you didn’t use the Setup Wizard to select the Host/DAW.

There is also an extension for using the DTX-MULTI 12 as a controller in Cubase ,don’t know if you already have it setup that way or may or may not be interested in it.

DTX-MULTI 12 Extension V1.1.1 for Win

"DTX-MULTI 12 Extension is software which lets you operate the Cubase functions from the DTX-MULTI 12 as a remote controller. For example. You can operate the Cubase transport, turn its metronome on or off, and control various other functions from the instrument’s front panel.

For more details, please refer the installation Guide which will be downloaded with program file."

I used the setup wizard in BFD 3.
Selected Cubase as the daw for BFD 3 and the DTX multi 12 as the midi key map.

Then opened Cubase, added BFD 3 as an instrument.

Then in Cubase I selected “create midimap from instrument”

Recorded some drums.

The midi map keys in Cubase are totally different to what’s listed for the kit pieces in BFD 3.

I don’t get it.

I created a midi map from BFD 3 but it assigns different notes in Cubase???

I am done.

Saving for SD3.

There is nothing more I can do to figure this mind fuck out.

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