BFD 3 HiDPI/Retina

I love BFD3 so much, it meets everything I need to make drums, the only thing I’m not happy about is that it’s not clear under Retina display, I’m trying to redraw 2x HD GUI for BFD3 by myself, I haven’t studied how to apply it to the program yet. Please ask the BFD team, is it really that hard to support HiDPI screens? If it’s really difficult I can draw HD graphics for free!

In addition, the blue volume indicator jump under the mix is too serious frame loss, not smooth

@ BFD_Drew

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to display or explain?


Oh I see now :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks good to me.

Are you on an old version of FXpansion BFD3? I thought the Check out DemoPacks wasn’t a thing anymore?

Mine still shows that sometimes?

I haven’t noticed that popping up myself. I think Drew already addressed this before. I can’t imagine the current build would still have this no longer functioning feature.

I checked on both my machines and can’t see it happening, maybe it’s just burned into my subconscinece lol

I have the latest beta installed 3.4.5 build24 built on 08 March 2023 (that’s what I see from the app)
and if I search in the presets section for something and it can’t be found (or doesn’t exist) I see the message