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I’m trying to rebuild all my BFD stuff on an M1 Mac. It has been a process. Some of the downloads I had to redo entirely and some I could pull in. I noticed out of the Oak expansion that my Yamaha Cases isn’t working. I also can’t use the Manu Katche snares. It tells me to license them but I can’t get them to license. I also recall other versions of BFD having more grooves and presets I can no longer find. Regarding the download tickets, some of them are “greyed” out in license manager so I can’t run them. I’d also love to get some presets for some of these old kits or find where others post theirs. I’ll search here for a bit.



If you bring up the LM, can you see the Manu Katche snare on the list and if so, is there the option to download it? You may just need to update it.
I have it licensed running and also have the Yamaha cases loading fine.

What presets would you need?


The kits don’t show in license manager. I think they were considered “extras” in certain expansions. The installers don’t work on M1 Macs. They do show up in BFD3 as needing to be licensed. I had a lot of old presets like “fibes” etc that no longer seem to work so I’m not sure if I had downloaded years ago or if they were stock from a library that maybe I missed.

Thx for the help.


The BFD1 and BFD2 Core Libraries became expansions…Eldorado and London Sessions.
Example: “FIbes” Kit is now under London Sessions…and so are the Presets for it so chances are the others you are missing or do not work are for one of the those Libraries…

As @CHASER said, the Fibes kit was a BFD2 kit which is not The London Sessions.

Are you saying you have the Manu Katche installer and it won’t run on M1?
I’d let support know that, it’s quite likely that a lot of the older installers wont run on M1 if that’s the case.

Also, you might want to check to see if it’s listed on your inmusicbrands product registrations page


I show The Fibes Kit listed under London Sessions…
The only other Fibes Kit I know of was the EpiK DrumS - Bill Cobham Kit…but it is not listed as Fibes

Yeah, typo, don’t know why I wrote NOT when I meant to write IN. :thinking:
I’m blaming auto-correct. :wink:

Dear oh dear.


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No worries…I have all the expansions etc and I Re-worked the entire Data Base to reflect as accurate as possible(I can’t stand the use of pseudonyms etc or abbreviated descritpions like…BC Tom…Fibes Tom RM Tom) for the Keyword search and a lot of accurate info…incomplete info’s especially from 3rd party and a lot of redundancy.I thought maybe I missed another FIBES Kit since I was remembering off the top of my head…FIBES isn’t as well known these days…(there were Fiberglasss,Crystalite and Birch and Maple)…after firing up BFD I checked the Search and there are 3 FIBES Kits available for BFD.
I had forgotten about the Rod Morgenstein…

The FIBES Kit in London Sessions is a Maple Kit (1990’s)
The FIBES Kit in the Bill Cobham is a Crystalite Kit (1970’s).
The FIBES Kits in the Rod Morgenstein is a Birch Kit (1970’s)

As far as “auto-correct”…I had to lol at that as I learned the hard way never to use an iPhone/iPad for replies/responses in Forums etc…and to double check texts before sending to your mother…

Here is the Link if in fact the OP needs to solve the BFD1/BFD2 to Eldorado/London Sessions

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