BFD 3 Crash At Launch

Setup: Latest version of BFD 3 installed on Mac Studio M2 Max with latest version of macOS Ventura. Universal Audio Volt 476 connected via thunderbolt 4 cable.

Problem: BFD 3 will crash when launched in standalone if my audio interface is connected. If I try to launch it without the interface powered on it launches as it should.

What’s weird is a few months back with the same setup everything worked just fine. Does anybody else experience this issue and is there a fix? I’ve looked around here and flushed everything related to BFD 3 out then did a fresh reinstall but the issue persists.

Try resetting, or manually trashing BFD3 Prefs, close and then re-open. I was having hard crashes and this fixed it somehow. The Prefs file must’ve gotten corrupted.

Thank you. I’ll give that a shot.